Erotic Hypnosis Story: Alicia

Excitement Level: EXTREMELY HOT


– everything you have said is a lie…

It’s the only thing he told me after hearing me talk about my knowledge and experiences with hypnosis.

I understood the disbelief, but I didn’t like the dismissive tone he used to say it.

Seeing her go alone, I couldn’t help but be tempted to give her a little demonstration and ask her why she had said that.

– I have never believed in hypnosis. It seems to me that everything is prepared.

My gaze locked with hers as I took in her extreme beauty.

– You don’t have to be so distrustful. It’s better to try and let me show you that everything I say is true. What’s your name?


Her face changed from hers, and I noticed that she was no longer so sure about her way of thinking.

– Very well, Alicia, leave me your hand

She extended her arm, and I grabbed her hand, making circles with my thumb caressing her wrist, while without losing contact with her beautiful blue eyes, I continued saying:

– that’s Alicia. It’s better to try and let me show you how hypnosis is real. It’s so real that you no longer distrust, it’s so real that you already know you’re falling hypnotized, it’s so real that you start to feel sleepy, it’s so real that you notice how heavy your eyelids are, it’s so real that even if you try to look away, you can’t do it anymore…

hypnosis session erotic history

Her defiant gesture became more concerned when I noticed that she couldn’t get away from my eyes.

– Very well, Alicia, but don’t be scared. Hypnosis is relaxation, peace is tranquility, and nothing to worry about. You just have to listen to my voice and let yourself go. Quieter. I am more tired. More relaxed. More asleep. NOW

She pulled her by the arm, holding her body without force against mine while she continued reciting it in her ear.

More relaxed. More asleep. Deeper. More attentive to my voice that puts you to sleep, rocks you, lulls you to sleep and allows you to be in this state of total peace that you are enjoying so much. When I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up.

After hearing the sound of my fingers, Alicia came back to herself. However, far from recognizing what had just happened, she became defensive again.

Well. You put me to sleep, But that doesn’t prove that you can do everything you’ve said before.

I have to admit that I like challenges. Even more so if they are with women and even more so with women as beautiful as Alicia.

– Will you allow me your hand again?

Alicia extended her arm, and I stroked her wrist again.

– You are right about one thing. Hypnosis does not work as seen on television. No one can make you do something you don’t want to. But look me in the eyes Alicia, and feel again that peace that you felt a moment ago, that peace that you have achieved by listening to me attentively, that peace that you gain by letting yourself be carried away and guided by my words, that peace that you already yearn for and want …

Her face became expressionless by the minute.

– Very well Alicia, totally focused on my words, relaxed, attentive, letting yourself go, without thinking, without analyzing. You don’t need to do it, just feel relaxed. She begins to walk with me, Alicia, and she feels like with each step you take, your thoughts disappear, your mind melts, your ability to resist disappears…

We began to walk hand in hand through the park, away from the area where more people could distract her. Her walk was mechanical, totally guided by my steps.

– Every step deeper, Alicia. Each step is more hypnotized. Each step is more delivered. With each step, you fall deeper into hypnosis. Every step, you want hypnosis more. For every action, you need more hypnosis. With every step, I became more confident. I have noticed that you dress very well, Alicia. Do you love fashion?

Yes. I like fashion – she replied in a monotonous tone, with a small voice

That is. This morning you got up, and you have chosen this wardrobe to feel good, please, and be beautiful. It costs a lot of effort, but you do it to please people. Keep going more bottomless, Alicia, more with each word, more with each step, more with each sentence you hear. Do you want to go more bottomless, Alicia?

Yes. I want to go deeper – she said with the same voice

– You want and need to go deeper. To feel good, to rest, to forget about all the problems. Very deep. Is that what do you need, Alicia?

– Yes, I want you deeper inside of me.


– But there is a problem, Alicia. So much effort to get ready this morning, yet you only show your pants and jacket. You have carefully chosen all your wardrobe, but you only show that. That’s not right, Alicia, you want to show off your clothes. Is what you want. It’s what you want. It has cost you effort and money to be so beautiful, and you can’t show it off. You must be wearing a beautiful bra. Is that so, Alice?

Yes. I’m wearing a beautiful bra – She answered without being bothered by the question

– That’s it, Alicia keeps falling. Feeling good, comfortable, confident with my words, pleased by them, and letting yourself go. You feel great, and you want to feel even better. Now it’s your time to do everything that you want.

She put her hand between her legs and ran her finger up her wet slit, sliding it between her labia. A little strand of sticky juice clung to her finger as she pushed her skirt out of the way. She licked her lips, and raised her finger to her mouth, but before she could go any further I took hold of her wrist and gazed at the glistening juices. She let me guide her hand towards my own mouth, and I pressed her finger against my lips before opening them and sucking gently on it, relishing her delicately flavoured liquid.

My head rested neatly between her legs, her pussy perfectly positioned in front of my face. I leant forward, breathing in the aroma of her, and felt her hand grab my hair. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick at her labia, flicking over the folds and running my tongue up the gash between them. Alicia squeezed her legs together, and I felt my head cushioned between the pliant flesh of her hot inner thighs.

As I attacked Alicia’s pussy more vigorously, I felt two rough hands raising the skirt of my costume from behind and caressing the cheeks of my bum.

You can just picture the scene. Alicia on the couch in a messy room, her dress bunched around her waist with her bare tits exposed and her legs stretched wide open; me on my knees between her thighs, face buried in her pussy.

I flicked my tongue backwards and forwards across Alicia’s hard little clit, and I heard her moaning as she writhed around the couch, pushing her crotch against me. Her juices were running out over the leatherette of the seat.

Alicia was rubbing at her clit again.

With only a small push, his knob parted my own lips and slipped easily up into my soaking wet vaginal passage. Fuck, it felt good as he began to thrust in and out. 

“Ah fucking Christ,” she moaned, “Shit, oh fuck.” She squeezed her boobs as her body began to tremble, my mouth on her clit bringing her to a shuddering orgasm.

Suddenly she cried out, “Oh fuck,” as I rammed his newly-stiff cock into her from behind. Her face told me how much she loved that..

I was rubbing her clitoris, with my hands dipping my fingers into my own sloppy pussy for lubrication, and that the same time banging into her from behind. From the expression on her face, she was getting close to his climax.

While I was sorting myself out, Alicia start to coming back from the hypnosis…

“I told Dan we’d be back to finish the wine later,” she said with a grin.

– That was the best hypnosis session that I ever had…

Still today, I don’t know if Alicia was hypnotize that afternoon session, and that was the last time I saw her.

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