Gemini in bed: How is the Sex with a Gemini Man and Woman?

Ruled by Mars, the planet of communication in every way, whether written, spoken, in signs, Geminis feel the lack of something to complete their knowledge, so they are constantly forming new friendships, teachers, guides, and people to develop communication…

People of the signs of Gemini have excellent skills with professions focused on communication, arts, and public service in shops, those who know Gemini, know that they are always fascinating.

The Gemini zodiac sign is a variant that likes to explore and experience everything possible, curious and funny, can be very communicative and extroverted. Still, they also change without warning in their personalities, getting severe and focused out of nowhere. Still, they don’t waste time and like to live all possible experiences.

Gemini matches what sign?

Which sign is Gemini best suited to? Here, we will find out which partnerships are the best and most likely to have problems with.

They usually get along very well with Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries.

How to Attract a Gemini Man or a Gemini Woman?

Communicating to Gemini is essential because they like those naughty lines, especially when it mixes everything, romanticism with naughty, and it’s possible to feel that intimacy is growing more and more.

But pay close attention! If you are shy or appear unhappy to be there, the Gemini native will not be attracted. So the focus is on enjoying the moment and letting go, paying attention to every detail, and not slurring a single word.

How to seduce a Gemini in bed?

Take the opportunity to write down these tips on how to leave the fantastic weather behind four walls with a Gemini!

What to talk about: talk about how you like the moment, how you are free, and take the opportunity to warm up the mood by talking about various naughty things. Trust yourself and use all sensuality!

Abuse of details: this sign needs diversity and stimulus, mainly linked to speech. And take the opportunity to put your creativity into practice, colorful environments, surprises, and of course: various positions on the bed go very well.

They love: unusual places, moments without an appointment, what’s not worth it is falling into a routine, so bet on different things.

Please do not do it at all: long minutes of complete silence cools any Gemini desire. Lack of movement or lack of will.

The Gemini man in bed

The Gemini man does not get tired of making love, but he is not the typical passionate and hardworking lover. Being a double sign, it has two roles in bed: the lover and the observer. He can bring immense pleasure to any woman if he wants to, for he knows how to make them melt and tremble under the sheets.

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It is not the art of lovemaking that excites the Gemini man, but the idea of ​​sharing a unique moment between two people. He responds to the couple’s pleasure, but at the same time, takes advantage of the sexual act to study and develop his technique. So he prefers to do it with the lights on and, if he can, with mirrors around him. He wants to see how things go from all angles.

Pornography and erotic stories encourages him a lot, so feel free to put something on before going to bed.

The Gemini man has tricks to get women to sleep with him. He’s one of those who make love anywhere without the need for a bed.

He wants to satisfy his curiosity more than meet his partner, but women don’t realize that.

He is narcissistic knows what to say to women, and his specialty is women who feel cheated or mistreated by men. He likes to create a romantic atmosphere, but he can be very selfish, so we recommend that he not trust a Gemini man too much.

He likes to seduce many women. He is sincere, but only if he is committed. His feelings and opinions can change from minute to minute.

This man has no qualms about sharing a bed with other people of the same sex and is very excited about group sex. The variety and the weird are what make it explode. He enjoys watching others masturbate while he makes love. Some of them are dirty perverts. They are also very fond of erotic games with oils and sprays. He will know how to get all the pleasure he needs from wearing all kinds of accessories.

As a dual sign, the Gemini man may have bisexual tendencies. Some even dress up as women to satisfy this pleasure, although I doubt he can get it, because he knows very well how to do it.

Geminis like to experiment with their partner, which can even lead to sadomasochism.

Energetic and always active, this man will not stay in the same place or close to the same person for long. Nervous and tense, he is restless, waiting for the next swing.

It’s always contradictory, and it can be difficult for a woman to determine whether or not she likes it since she doesn’t like to show her true feelings. This makes it difficult for anyone to love, but it’s enjoyable to spend time with.

Do not try to set a schedule for your Gemini man, as he will not respect it, as he hates being tied to the fixed, the pre-established.

He likes to be in love. He will fall in love when he finds someone he wants a little more than usual. But things are not so pleasant for a Gemini man, as he doesn’t like to give up his independence for a woman. He is fed up with the routine and always looks to demonstrate his intellectual abilities.

He wants a woman who opposes him a little. Also, one of his flaws is his indecision, so don’t get upset if it takes too long to make an appointment. He also has intense mood swings and is unpredictable because he is constantly changing.

If he’s friends with a Gemini, you probably already know that he’s a great counselor. He knows how to find solutions, but he doesn’t like being told what to do.

It’s contradictory and weird, but that’s how Geminis are usually due to their impressive energy levels. On the other hand, it is difficult for this man to grow up, and he will always find ways to have fun and enjoy life more.

Although he is with many women, the Gemini man does not emphasize love. This is because he likes to conquer women just for fun, to explore new things.

He doesn’t have a big enough sexual appetite to seek out women like a hunter. During the beginning of the relationship, he is the best lover and the best partner, but his desire for change will quickly transform you, and you will be bored.

When it comes to emotions, Geminis are shallow. If you’re thinking about getting serious with this man, be careful. Despite being fun, it’s not one of the most reliable signs for planning his future.

Gemini woman in bed

Intellectual and sexy, the Gemini woman is also sensual and a good conversationalist. She can attract men with her speech and has a libido that will put many to shame.

Speaking of more sensuality and seduction, this lady could be compared to the Virgin. She’s surrounded by mystery and reveals a new side of her every time she’s in bed with you.

Sociable and fun, the Gemini woman can have several partners simultaneously. She needs someone as adventurous and fun as she is.

She wouldn’t like someone who never takes the initiative. If her partner is boring and not open to new things, she will look for someone else.

Your perverted ways

Her sexual fantasies are wild, and she can have many fetishes. For example, an orgy or a threesome wouldn’t sound so scary to her.

She would do anything to be satisfied. She’s not like the other zodiac signs, so she’s more of a taker than a giver.

This is why the Gemini woman will be demanding in bed, and you will have to lie with her almost every night. However, all this does not mean that she cannot please her partner because she is.

Could you pay close attention to her?

She is not the most committed lover, as she enjoys staying overnight with random people whose names she doesn’t even know. This is the kind of woman who could accept an open relationship.

She doesn’t believe in sex with just one partner, and she doesn’t expect you to be an adherent of that mindset either.

If you were lucky enough to meet a Gemini woman, now you know how she sees life and what she thinks about sex.

She is the modern lady who will get you to bed without too many questions.

The Gemini woman won’t be shy about turning you on with serious flirtation and dirty talk. Not only is she the person who will suggest all sorts of experiments, she will also be willing to have sex in public places.

She is a thrill seeker. She is comfortable with her sexuality and will want a partner who feels the same way.

Make sure you wake her up mentally too. She likes it when she gets aroused both physically and intellectually. The signs she is most sexually compatible with are Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, and Leo.

This woman is compassionate around her arms, so gently touch her elbows. The Gemini woman is perverted in many ways. It’s impossible to get bored with her between the sheets. Being a dual sign, she has multiple personalities.

Witty and intelligent, you will feel that new energy has entered her body after having sex with her. If you are not 100% faithful, this lady is definitely for you. She will reveal many sides of her personality in bed.

One night she could be wild and dominant, another night innocent and pure. She will play any role: the maid, the nurse, and even the nun. You are sure never to get tired of having sex with this woman.

She loves to play roles, so go shopping for clothes if you’re already with her. You’ll need to match her, so try to be as imaginative as she is in bed.

You can suggest that she do it in places no one else has done before. She will love you more if you take her to do this in a public restroom.

As long as you don’t get caught and keep things imaginative, she’ll be hers for a long time.

Unpredictable Sex

A quiet man who likes routine is not the guy for the Gemini woman. She also doesn’t like people who do not know.

This lady wants someone bold and intelligent. If you can keep her interested in the conversations you’re having, she’ll fall into your bed sooner than you expect. If you want something long-term, make sure you bring it to life now and then.

Just do it subtly. Respect her, and she’ll try to be nice to you when you’re in privacy. Give her your full attention, and she’ll surprise you each time with a completely new position or a new luxury sex toys.

All Gemini women are gorgeous, so you’ll be able to date yours without worrying about what others might think. She changes her personality according to the person she talks to and enjoys being around other people.

That chameleonic trait of hers is also something she wears in the bedroom. She doesn’t sit still when making love. She loves to talk all the time so that she won’t make an exception for sex.

This woman will tell you how she feels and wants to know how you feel. Worship and praise it.

The Gemini woman also sees sex as a mental activity. She enjoys chasing and is looking for someone to stimulate her physically and mentally. This woman likes it when all her senses are being awakened, and she is always open-minded.

Variety and stimulation are no stranger to her. Sometimes, extremist, you can’t predict what the Gemini woman will do next.

She loves fantasy in bed and is a skilled lover. Such a woman is unlikely to spend a long time with just one sexual partner. You wouldn’t even know why she broke up with you since she keeps her secrets to herself.

She doesn’t talk much about what she’s feeling and keeps physicality separate from emotions. It is challenging to discover the inner world of a Gemini woman. She enjoys flirting and pays close attention to what is being said during the chase.

She’ll accept anything you might have in mind about how to make love, and she’ll come up with her ideas as well.

Many Gemini women may have homosexual tendencies and may engage in extreme sex. Sex with a Gemini woman is like her personality: unpredictable and fun.

The Summary of Gemini and Sex Life

As in any other aspect of life, Gemini doesn’t get tired when they talk, jumping from one conversation to the next. However, that doesn’t mean that what they are saying is nonsense, as they are too smart to talk nonsense.

The Gemini sign is one of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac. The man/woman born under Gemini understands what others are constantly saying and carries him along with a life force. As they are imaginative, they sometimes forget to be practical, and others can take this opportunity and get to the finish line early. But they trust themselves and don’t care that another man/woman is ahead of them because they will have other options.

When dating, Geminis love adventure and get bored quickly. That means they’re more likely to have flings than to be serial monogamists. “As soon as they get bored with anything or anyone, they’re gone,”

Geminis can be happy in a long-term relationship, but only if their partner can keep up with them.

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