Virgos in bed: How is the Sex with a Virgo Man and Woman?

The native of Virgo is ruled by the earth element and is reputed to have the most complicated sign of the zodiac. In addition, he needs tact physical contact to feel safe. This is even the primary sense of the Virgo kinesthetic in bed.

In sex, he likes to plan and feel the best and most minor details with heat, intensity, and involvement. The Virgo needs to feel his partner’s surrender entirely, which is why he values ​​physical contact so much.

However, this is not an easy sign to conquer. Because Virgos are very demanding, a perfectionist, and highly detail-oriented, this native tends to notice the person’s culture and physical appearance, from the toenail, if it is well cared for, to the teeth, if they are yellow, for example. Find out below what types of Virgos are in bed, how to seduce a Virgo, what not to do, and more!

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Virgo types in bed

This Virgo native’s painstaking search for someone he considers impeccable happens because he wants sex to be rich and meaningful. Thus, Virgo loves massages, herbs, good food, and natural aromas, so it is interesting to use sensory stimuli.

Virgo will always be interested in websites, books, or illustrated videos of steamy stories. Unlike other earth signs, they like to see and talk about sex.

When the words come true, the Virgo native feels a double pleasure because he has already visualized all those touches in a delicious encounter. It’s good to praise your body and performance, as it will be like pouring gasoline on a fire. However, pay close attention to the type of Virgo your crush is to adopt the most valid tactic to hook him.

Restrained Virgos

Part of the individuals ruled by the sign of Virgo tends to surrender to the conquest gradually. That is, on the first date, people will be shyer. However, in a second moment together, they can be surprised by showing desire and romanticism.

It is essential to point out that the Virgo prefers a more moderate encounter, without much fuss and adventures. While he’s willing to try something new now and then, he’ll generally like to stick to routine and affection in the bedroom.

Then, count on a passionate sex session once the fire is lit. The sensual Virgo will be intense in bed, especially after trusting his partner.

Ravenous Virgos

The other group of Virgos is naturally voracious. The cold exterior hides a wild side thirsty for fantasies and intense sex worthy of movies. Being an earth sign, they sell an image of being inhibited, but there are no limits to pleasure in their safe environment.

They are thoughtful lovers and will do their best to satisfy their partners. And they also prefer a reserved environment or at least one that they can control. His way of seducing is quite exhibitionist and meticulous.

Virgo will always seek to improve their performance because they have very high standards in everything, and sex is no different. Sometimes it may not be easy to satisfy him, but he will be generous enough to allow his partner to surprise him again. Sensual music and movies with hot scenes are a great way to awaken and inspire Virgo’s sexuality.

How to seduce a Virgo in bed?

Virgos like things to be very well planned, so it’s crucial to organize sexual moments. The more the Virgo native can control the situation, the better. Also, he needs to be physically attracted to the person and their culture and intelligence.

To take the Virgo to bed will not be easy. There is a list of items to follow:

  • First, seduce him with conversations.
  • Show that there are affinities between you in personal tastes.
  • Get the clothes, hairstyle, and even perfume right.

The secret is to seek an intellectual connection first, with an engaging conversation, and pay attention to the details in your physical appearance.

How to seduce a Virgo woman?

Although it doesn’t seem like it, Virgo is very sexual. You have to respect her time. She might come across as unapproachable, but things change when someone piques her interest.

The tip is to use the gained intimacy and trust to make her loosen up in bed. And believe me, even if a Virgo feels like having sex every day, she won’t tell her partner. It’s part of her game to be won over, as it excites her.

The Virgo native is a perfectionist by nature, and her kiss will be no different. Invest in an enveloping kiss, soft but intense and full of caresses to seduce her. But don’t forget to invest in chivalry.

For her, a man who suggests splitting the motel bill doesn’t deserve a second chance. After all, it doesn’t seem romantic at all. Even if she offers to pay, don’t fall into the trap of accepting. Virgo wants to be treated well pampered.

How to seduce a Virgo man?

The Virgo man doesn’t give in right away and loves to play cat and mouse. He’s not one to go straight to sex, as he prefers something more careful and more mental. Invest in cultured conversations and intersperse with nasty hints because they love it.

Please wait for the Virgo to plan the date, as it’s part of the game to prepare the night in detail. Although he will appear dry in public, he will give in entirely in a place where he feels safe and comfortable.

Let him lead, or at least think he’s in charge. Correspond to the caresses and kiss a lot, explore his body, but don’t forget to notice the details he prepared and his body. It’s foolproof!

Best sex positions for Virgo

Virgo’s preferred position is the relaxed landing when she lies down, and her partner lies on top. It’s something similar to the famous “dad and mom.” In this position, she feels that she can receive more caresses from her partner and explore. Another position that pleases her is oral sex, even more so when it involves penetration and stimulation simultaneously.

The Reverse Missionary Sex Position

On the other hand, the Virgo man does not like to juggle sex and is usually generous and concerned with his partner’s pleasure. He wants a lot when the partner lies on her back and raises her legs in a “V.” This position allows for deeper contact and enhances pleasure.

Erogenous zones

Virgos feel great pleasure when touching and are usually very skilled with their hands. A Virgo erogenous zone is the abdomen region, just below the navel and near the groin. However, it is necessary to be vigorous in the caresses not to provoke a tickle.

The tip is to explore this part of the body with your fingers, tongue, and lips, covering the skin with kissable massage oil, which is fragrant or gives a sensation of heating or cooling. Virgo natives love to have their senses stimulated.

Virgo’s Sexually compatible signs with 

Virgos are prudent, and this also shows in bed, so there is a greater possibility of a good experience with signs that behave similarly. There is high compatibility with Taurus and Capricorn natives who, like him, have a more physical, direct sexuality, who like comfort and seduction without haste.

What not to do in bed with a Virgo?

The Virgo native in bed brings the experience of total surrender. He is usually a dedicated lover and can completely disconnect from the outside world to live in the moment. He only focuses on feeling and giving pleasure. But beware! One misstep and Virgo can lose interest. Here are some attitudes to avoid when in bed with a Virgo.

Do not ignore the details

Virgos are detail-oriented and study every move before taking the next step. Your intelligence contributes to the success of these calculations. This aspect is also reflected in perfectionist behavior, as they believe that everything can be improved, including sex.

In relationships, they prefer safe paths. Adaptable and logical, your choices are always based on reason. They need stability, and when they’re not in a rut, they tend to feel lost.

For these reasons, if your partner is turned off, not noticing your zeal for details, the Virgo native will lose interest. Well, he needs to feel that his efforts were seen and, above all, valued.

Neglect foreplay

For the Virgo, foreplay is crucial, but it doesn’t start in bed. For natives of this sign, sex begins with the invitation, with the planning of the meeting. In every detail shared, from the lingerie selfie sent in the afternoon, the comfort of the environment, the seduction during dinner, the exchange of looks and caresses full of ulterior motives.

The Virgo native invests in the pleasure of the other as a source of his happiness. The more surrendered the partner is, the more fulfilled the Virgo will be. Therefore, if he feels that his partner is not concerned about what precedes the moment of love, he may feel disappointed.

Do not take abrupt actions

The Virgo doesn’t like rude attitudes or very wet kisses, very hurried, clumsy, or impulsive caresses. For the Virgo native, good sex is done with calm and cadence. Any attitude that breaks the romantic atmosphere of this native will make him lose interest.

Tips for seducing a Virgo

If you want to know how to seduce a Virgo sign, you need to understand that they approach erotic acts the same way they do everything else: pragmatically.

For Virgos, sex is simply a necessary part of life. It’s therapeutic, like any other form of exercise. And many of them prefer a physical, no-frills partner, as they believe it’s easier that way—less maintenance, more practical.

Therefore, conquering a Virgo takes a lot of patience, romanticism, dedication, and multiple attitudes. 

Find out below what you can do to seduce a Virgo native.

Hygiene and cleaning

For Virgos, seduction is made up of a set of factors. The issue of hygiene is fundamental, so to be with a native of Virgo, it is essential to be an impeccable person in this regard, from superficial to intimate hygiene.

Stimulate the intellectual

Virgos don’t like people who speak too loudly or speak incorrectly. What most seduces the natives of this sign, naturally thirsty for knowledge, is intelligence. Therefore, bet on your cultural background and expertise in different areas to drive those born in Virgo crazy.

Bet on Dirty Talk

Despite making the style neat and refined, the natives of this sign love a “dirty talk,” that spicy conversation that can happen in online or telephone conversations.

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However, a relatively high degree of intimacy is required before proposing and observing their reactions during the chat. Virgos can either love or hate the direction of the conversation, so be careful and let them take the lead.

Ask what the Virgo likes

It is essential to observe how the native of Virgo reacts to his stimuli and to what is said. Ask him what he likes, as he is indecipherable by nature. It can sometimes be challenging to understand, as Virgo can seem surrendered and passionate at times and cold at others. But deep down, he loves having his desires fulfilled and prefers to control the sexual relationship.

Are there signs that are incompatible with Virgos in bed?

As with everything that involves the signs, there is also the question of compatibility in bed. In the case of Virgo, the most incompatible signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

The explosive and impulsive Aries will clash with the Virgo controller. Sagittarius is impulsive, unstable, and adventurous, while Virgo needs calm and time to get involved. With Gemini, instability and Gemini’s need for change will clash with Virgo’s need for constancy.

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