How to Travel With Your Sex Toy?

In a 2023 survey conducted on American summer travelers, 34% of its participants revealed that their sex lives were “better than usual” on vacation. In addition, many couples report the incredible effects of spending a holiday together. They are more likely to communicate with each other, have sex, and feel generally more romantic.

‌‌So, there is definitely a link between feeling sensual and going on vacation. But, what if you want to pleasure yourself or other people with a toy on vacation? Can you just pack a vibrator in checked luggage without thinking about it, or do you have to learn how to travel with sex toys?

It depends on the toy and country. Sex toys are perfectly legal to travel within every state in the United States (even Alabama, which prohibits the sale of sex toys!). 

Legality aside, there can be confusing and embarrassing mix-ups if you aren’t careful, especially if you choose to store your sex toys in your carry-on bag. So, can you take a vibrator through airport security, and are vibrators allowed in carry-on luggage? Can you bring sex toys on a plane? Legally yes, but there are other aspects of the situation to take into account.

How to Travel With Your Sex Toy?

In many cases, there are no laws that prohibit you from traveling with sex toys, whether you put your sex toys in checked luggage or in your carry-on. So if you’re wondering, can you bring dildos on a plane, the answer is likely yes. However, it is essential to plan ahead and think about how to best transport your toys. 

Within the United States

Usually, traveling with sex toys in the United States is 100% legal and permissible. The only caveat is BDSM toys or toys that look like weapons (we’ll get into that later). 

However, TSA may sometimes see them on your luggage scan and want to take a closer look. If your toy is in your carry-on bag, this may entail them taking your luggage off the conveyor belt and performing a search.

BDSM Toys‌

TSA guidelines clearly state that vibrators and dildos are allowed. You can view this on the TSA’s “What Can I Bring” guidelines. However, if you are partial to bondage or activities that require more esoteric objects, be mindful that some of the accessories or toys involved with that may not be permitted by TSA.

For example, butt plugs and handcuffs are perfectly fine for your carry-on bag. However, batons, whips, and pinwheels are not. Just make sure to check that whatever you’d like to bring is not classified as a weapon. 

International Travel

You might be surprised by just how many countries prohibit people from bringing sex toys into them. If you try to bring a toy into a country that doesn’t allow them, usually this just means that if they find it, they will confiscate it. But sometimes it could result in more severe repercussions.

For instance, most countries in the Middle East will not let you bring a sex toy into their country. However, they may not object to you bring in a “back massager”…..*wink wink*. Something like the Form 2 or the Form 2 LX might fit into this category, or kink wear. Unfortunately, there is no singular master list of these countries, so just make sure to do your research and plan ahead before bringing your toy.

Where Do You Store Your Sex Toy?

Because we know that sex toys show up on airport x-rays and scans, it’s best to try and make it as clear as possible that you have one. If you choose to pack your toy in your carry-on bag, try and keep your toy near the top of your bag so that the airport scanner is able to get a clear picture of it. If it’s buried beneath a lot of objects or in a super padded bag, they might be more curious as to what it is and want to look into your luggage more.

Something you can do to avoid this is to put your toy in a separate pouch from the rest of your items. The more transparent this pouch is, the better. That way, if they look through your bag, they don’t need to put their gloved hands on your toy to know it is a toy!

If you don’t have such a bag, you should consider getting the Pure UV Sanitizing Mood Light. That way, if a TSA agent ends up touching your toy, you can feel secure knowing you’ll be able to get it completely clean afterwards.

If you’d like to totally bypass the possibility of locking eyes with a person who is touching your toy, perhaps consider stowing your toy in a checked bag. But really, there is no need to be ashamed. 

Everyone deserves to pleasure themselves how they want, and it is entirely within your rights to travel with whatever toy you want in the United States. It would be utterly inappropriate for any TSA person to judge or make unsavory comments about what they find in your bag. 

Can You Bring a Vibrator on a Plane?

Can you pack a vibrator in checked luggage? Yes, however, just be prepared for the possibility of airport security wanting to take a look at it. Also, make sure to take the batteries out so your bag isn’t mysteriously buzzing the whole journey.

In terms of packing vibrators in a carry-on bag and taking the vibrators through airport security, it is perfectly legal as well. Just make sure not to take the vibrator out of your bag until you touch down and get back to your residence. Public sex and masturbation are undoubtedly illegal in most places.

What Adult Products Are Not Allowed on a Plane?

As previously mentioned, particular BDSM/bondage objects are classified as weapons. Be sure to look at the TSA’s guidelines in order to figure out whether you are allowed to bring certain objects. Even if the toy you’re thinking about bringing is not permitted, most of the time, you will just have to put it in your checked back rather than your carry-on. 

Also, though lubricant is normally permitted, be sure that your lube fits with the liquid container size limits for air travel. 

Getting Sex Toys Through Airport Security

In many cases, it’s perfectly legal for you to bring your sex toys with you on your trip. However, you should always research what the TSA policies are about your particular toy, and if you’re traveling internationally, it’s a good idea to see if the country you’re going to has any laws against bringing sex toys. If you have any questions, refer to this helpful guide set up by TSA.

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