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Dirty Talk for Beginners

Whether you’re trying to take a new relationship to the next level or are looking for ways to spice up a current relationship, dirty talk can be a fun way to enhance communication between you and your partner while igniting your mutual lusts.

When I should have a Dirty Talk with my Partner?

When you first try talking dirty, you may feel a bit silly or embarrassed.

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One of the best ways to overcome your embarrassment about talking dirty is to jump into the deep end and make yourself do it. The more you say certain words and phrases, the more comfortable you’ll feel about it. Still, it’s OK to start small. The words/phrases below can be a comfortable place to start your dirty talk journey:

Once you get used to opening up a dialogue around sex — and once you realize that your partner responds well to what you’re saying — you can start adding more. However, while knowing the correct terminology for your body parts is excellent when you’re talking to a doctor, there’s nothing sexy about saying, “I want you to insert your penis into my anus.” 

Slang is the solution to this problem, allowing you to be specific without sounding like your high school sex-ed instructor. The key is to be sure that your meaning is still clear and adult. Though you may be comfortable saying “pee-pee,” having grown up with that word, you can bet that your partner doesn’t want to hear that in the bedroom. Similarly, the term “foofy” may seem cute, but it doesn’t do you any good if your partner can’t tell whether that means butt or vagina.

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To help you learn how to talk dirty, we’ve compiled some of the most common slang terms for your body parts. These words are mature enough for consenting adults to use but not textbook-level technical. Try them out to see what works best for you! 

How to talk dirty during SEX?

Instead of “Vagina”

Instead of “Breasts”

Instead of “Penis” 

Strong Muscular Man in Underpants Sitting on a Couch

Instead of “Testicles”

Instead of “Buttocks”

Because many of these words are too crass for day-to-day language, using them for the first time can feel uncomfortable. You may have to say a phrase like “I want your cock” many times before it begins to feel natural. Other words may never feel OK to you – and that’s OK, too. It’s also essential that you and your partner are on the same page. If you’re comfortable saying “booty,” for example, but this word is a huge turnoff for your partner, you’ll want to settle on a different word — one you’re both comfortable with.

There are always going to be hiccups when you are learning how to talk dirty with your partner. Occasionally you’ll say something that will embarrass you, them, or both of you.

That’s OK! Learn to laugh at yourself and move on from the situation. As long as you’re having fun and improving your communication with your partner, being comfortable with a dirty talk will come!

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