Everything that you need to know about Squirting!

What is Female Squirt?

Squirting happens when someone with a vagina ejects fluid during sex. It often happens during an orgasm, but not always. Another name for squirting is female ejaculation.

Not all people with vaginas can squirt! Some people can do it all the time, while others can only do it under specific circumstances. Others don’t do it at all. The research shows that women can squirt anywhere between 10 and 54%. That’s quite a wide range, indicating that maybe further study is needed.

Why Do Women Squirt?

The actual scientific mechanism behind women squirting is somewhat mysterious, but experts have theories. They do think there is a connection between g-spot stimulation and squirting. For many women, this is the key.

Some women love squirting because it feels good. If they do cum when they ejaculate, they report a different kind of orgasm. If they don’t cum, they still think pleasure during squirting.

Some women don’t like to squirt. They worry that it is pee or will get the bed dirty. For some people, squirting doesn’t feel good. If you don’t like squirting, that is OK too.

How to Make my Wife or Girlfriend Squirt during sex?

To squirt during sex, experiment to find the positions that stimulate your g-spot the most. You may want to try using a high-powered vibrator, like a magic wand, to enable the clitoris while you’re having sex.

Are There Benefits for a Woman to Squirt?

The main benefit for someone to squirt is that it feels good! It pleases them, and there are many physical and mental benefits to having sexual enjoyment. Some people also enjoy it when their partner squirts and find it a big turn-on to make things in the Bedroom extra spicy. 

Enjoying squirting is perfectly normal. Some women feel worried or ashamed about this natural sexual phenomenon, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you are a squirter, you may want to discuss it with your partner before having sex, so they know what to expect. If you’re going to become a squirter, you can try it independently or with a partner. And always make sure to put down a towel!

Woman Squirting solo sex

What Happens When my wife or Girlfriend Squirts?

When someone squirts, they may or may not have orgasm simultaneously. They experience a flood of fluid out of the urethra. It might be fountain-like if it ejaculated powerfully or more like a stream that flows. It can also be just a few drops of liquid. Regardless of how much fluid comes out, putting down a towel or using waterproof sheets for sex with a squirter is always a good idea to protect your mattress.

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