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Health Benefits Of Sex In Women

sex benefits for women

Sexual health is usually an essential aspect of someone’s life. It affects various health aspects, including mental, physical, social, and emotional health. A person in a good sexual state is usually careful, well-informed, and respectful to themselves and others. Besides, being in a good sexual state enables people to enjoy themselves sexually in a comfortable way. The following are the health benefits of sex in women.

Reduces Stress

Stress is a major cause of various health issues, such as stress in women. Sex is usually a perfect way to relieve stress in some women. As someone enjoys sex, dopamine usually hits the brain’s pleasure center while cortisol (the stress hormone) levels reduce. Moreover, oxytocin, which enhances feelings of happiness and friendship, is also released. Combining these hormones helps the body relax when someone is stressed.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

General health and sex are closely related. For instance, women who enjoy their sexual lives are likely to have a reduced risk of hypertension and other issues. Moreover, studies also indicate that the quality of sex is more essential than its frequency, as having happy and satisfying sex is good for the heart. This is because there is a close relationship between a woman’s emotional health and sexual satisfaction.

Enhances The Immune System

According to a research people who have sex frequently usually have higher immunoglobulin A levels in their saliva. This is the hormone that assists the body in fighting viruses and bacteria. Besides, sex can also enhance the serotonin hormone, which helps in generating a happy feeling. Scientists believe that there is a close relationship between hormones and depression.

Reduces Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure can cause severe or even fatal cardiovascular issues. This condition also influences orgasm in women negatively. Using sex toys can reduce systolic blood pressure readings.

Improves Sleep

Sexual activities can enhance a person’s quality of sleep. Typically, the body releases hormones, such as prolactin and oxytocin, after orgasm. These hormones can generate relaxing and pleasant feelings. Besides, sex also minimizes hormone cortisol levels, which is linked to stress.

Protects The Brain

Women who remain sexually active in their later years may show better cognitive functioning than those who do not. This can be illustrated by measuring their ability to recall words and evaluating their mental state and physical activity level. Typically, sexually active individuals show better results if such an evaluation is conducted.

Enhances The Pelvic Floor

Pelvic muscles may weaken after pregnancy or with age. These muscles are responsible for various things, such as urine flow. Sex is usually an effective way of exercising them. Although a person can opt for other workout methods such as Kegel exercises, sex is also perfect for achieving this objective.

Creates Intimacy

Sex usually creates affection and intimacy in relationships. Having sex frequently among a couple helps enhance their connection to each other. Besides, having physical affection and touch is also essential for couples, even those who have lived together for an extended period. A person can also improve their emotional health by talking to their partner after sex about their fantasies and feelings.

Increased Libido

High libido is linked with enhanced pain resistance and self-esteem. When someone has more desire for their partner, this may translate into feeling more desired about themselves.

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Burns Calories

Sex also helps in burning calories. For instance, for a woman weighing about 140 pounds with a male partner weighing about 190 pounds, the missionary position with the lady on the bottom for at least 10 minutes can burn 14 calories and 47 calories for the man.

Sex plays an essential role when it comes to relationships. Besides, a good sexual life also has several health benefits, as seen above.

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