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How To Have Sex in a Car?

The car scene in Titanic is one of the most iconic sex scenes in film history, and for a good reason. Jack and Rose are on the run but are so overcome with lust that they stop for a romp in someone else’s car. When their pursuers catch up, all left is a handprint in the fogged windows — talk about steamy!

Maybe you want to try car sex for the novelty or the thrill of breaking a taboo, or perhaps a partner wants to spice things up. Either way, there are two key factors to consider while planning a window-fogging sexcapade: comfort and speed. Comfort because bumping elbows isn’t hot. Rate because you could get caught at any moment. 

Can you have sex in a car? 


While it takes a bit more planning than the movie magic of Titanic would have you believe, car sex has the potential to be an exciting new sexcapade to add to your repertoire. 

Is having sex in a car against the law?

The first question you’ll want to ask before grabbing your keys. In most cases, the answer is yes.

Because passersby can look into your car, car sex is usually public sex unless you are on private property and out of the line of sight of pedestrians. You may wish to look up your state’s laws around public sex before embarking. But in any case, you’ll want to take care not to be seen.

This is a vital factor to consider before planning to have sex in a car. If the risk doesn’t faze you (or maybe even excites you), read on for how to make car sex better.

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Tips to have Sex in the Car

1. Choose the perfect Car

The best types of cars to have sex in are trucks and vans because they have expansive storage space that you can use to your advantage. Of course, if you have access to a luxury sports car with a plush interior, you may be able to cope with the smaller space. 

No matter what type of car you use, you’ll want to avoid using the front. Having sex in the front seat exposes you to a series of problems you’d rather not have to think about when getting it on. The windshield exposes you to the world, and you risk hitting the radio buttons or the horn, drawing attention to your illicit activity. There’s also less space for fun positions. 

If you aren’t using a truck and have back seats, the back will usually be your best option. Lower the seats as far as they will go. If you have a bit of prep time, it may be worth taking out the back seats in a van for one of the roomiest experiences you’ll find in the world of car sex. 

If you’re wondering how to have sex in a small car without backseats, the answer is very carefully. Lower your seats as far as they’ll go and have one partner facing the dashboard to watch for passersby.

What is the best places to have sex in the car?

While the best place to park for car sex from a legal standpoint would be your garage, that isn’t the most exciting option. Finding where to park for car sex may take a bit of scouting. Go somewhere close enough to society that you have somewhere to go in case of emergency, but out of sight of random passersby. Campsites, the sides of country roads, rest stops, and mostly empty parking lots are good choices.

Best Positions for Car Sex

Classic Sex Position to Perform in the Car: The Hot Seat

Several positions lend themselves well to car sex. However, it may be most satisfying to modify your favorite positions to fit in a smaller space. If you can bend your knees or sit forward rather than straight up, that will help make the position more comfortable in a car. It’s worth the effort to test which positions may work ahead of time.

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If you’re new to car sex, we recommend a modified cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, with the penetrating partner sitting down and the other on top. These positions work without necessarily needing to fold back any seats, making both of them great for brief encounters.

Car Sex Couture

Wear clothing that is sexy but also easy to maneuver out of. One of the keys to good car sex is speed, so you should wear clothing that can be removed and put back on quickly if someone arrives at the scene. You don’t necessarily need to remove your top, so a dress with a flowy skirt or slip-off shorts may be a good option.

Since car sex can be quickly interrupted depending on your luck, this probably isn’t the time to break out your best makeup looks or most perfect pressed shirt, let alone anything kinky. Keep it simple and sexy. 

Car Sex Essentials

Things To Keep in Mind When Planning Car Sex

survey published by The Journal of Sex Research found that sex in a parked car was “primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women,” regardless of the challenges. If car sex interests you and your partner, it is worth trying. Keep the following in mind as you embark on this new adventure:

Your Tried-and-True Positions May Need Some Adjustments

Car sex takes some creativity with positioning. It’s cramped, but this forces you to rethink old routines and habits. 

Consider Your Partner’s Comfort

Figuring out a position that will be comfortable for both of you requires you to communicate and read your partner’s signals. Both parties need to check in periodically to ensure you’re enjoying yourselves. 

Be Patient With Each Other

When trying out a new experience like car sex, be patient with yourself and your partner. No matter what happens, you tried something new together. Have a laugh when something goes wrong, and don’t be afraid to readjust and try a different approach if needed.

Speed Is of the Essence

As we’ve already mentioned, car sex isn’t exactly without its legal challenges. When other people come within sight of your car, it may be time to leave. Car sex is perfect for a quickie, not so much for pillow talk. 

If you’re thinking of spicing up your relationship with this particular sexcapade, keep in mind that you can get in trouble if caught. If you’re still interested, remember that sex in the car is about positioning and making sure you’re comfortable. It may take a couple of tries to master the art of car sex, but it’ll get your motor running once you get the hang of it.

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