Is Sex Better with Socks On?

Many couples find “turning” can be the solution to increase pleasure during sex.

That’s right, according to a study carried out by researchers at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, couples who wear socks during intercourse are much more likely to have an orgasm than those who don’t.

For women, it’s even more critical, as, according to this study, they may be up to 30% more likely to experience orgasms when their feet are warm.

Socks During Sex

sex with white socks

The researchers explain that socks bring greater comfort and help warm the feet, consequently increasing body heat (especially on colder days).

A good tip for women is to wear longer socks. I find it highly sexy:

Winter is the worst season of the year for sex. The drop in temperature leads to decreased libido and hormonal changes caused by less exposure to the sun. But there is good news. In a study published in the scientific journal Nature, a group of Swiss researchers found that having sex in your socks substantially increases the likelihood of reaching climax.

A phenomenon explained by the increase in comfort is that active orgasm, among other factors, is essential to be physically relaxed and feel entirely comfortable.

The difference between having sex with or without socks is felt especially among women. According to neuroscientists, quoted by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, when women have warm feet, the amygdala and prefrontal cortex – responsible for controlling the brain areas that alert to danger – calm down, thus favoring the arrival at the breast.

These data reinforce the conclusions of a study carried out by the pharmaceutical company Bayer three years ago, in which it was found that only 33% of women prefer to enjoy sex at this time of year. The percentage increased to 48% in the spring and 54% in the summer, women’s favorite season for sex. Based on that data, put the socks on, specially during the winter.

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