The Lesbian Foreplay Guide

Foreplay is a general term that refers to any activity done before sex. It is a way in which two people can connect and establish a line of communication before moving on to the main event of sexual contact. This post is dedicated for you that is looking for tips of how to improve your sex and spice things up and perform the perfect lesbian foreplay. Check the tips below and make that girl even more Hungry For You!

Let It Go with the Rhythm

lesbian foreplay tips

To have good sex you have to let yourself go with the rhythm of the moment. Sexuality is not a matter of going to the point, directly stimulating the clitoris and that’s it. For your Foreplay successfully work you will need lubrication, and moisture. That’s why rhythm is so important.

The rhythm is a coming and going of caresses and friction between the two of you, and everything will depend on how romantic or horny you feel, where you do it, and some other variables.

The most important thing is that the rhythm between the couple. You can start with low light, slowly caressing, kissing and touching each other.

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Use your Hands

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Enjoy the moment, let yourself be conquered, move your hands and touch each tiny part of your partner, don’t rush, there’s nothing more important than this moment. You can grope, touching little by little to reach the most erogenous points her body.

You can start with the hands, arms, then legs, her neck and her face. You have to be delicate, observe her movements and reactions very well.

Take Care of Her Body

take of her body lesbian foreplay

Your hands will subtly glide over your partner’s body, and the most important thing is to enjoy not rushing any movement. A hug, a small dirty talk close to the ears are a great way to increase the flame of this Foreplay.

You have to observe what kind of woman you are with and how the encounter develops. Sometimes everything can be much faster and more aggressive. She may be passive and allow herself to be touched or she may be encouraged to touch you.

You can add some fishnet bodysuits to spice things up in your relationship.

Tell Her What you Like

Help yourself with words, these can be like caresses that excite the other person. While you are playing her you can stimulate her ears. Tell her what you like about her and her body. Use phrases like:

I like your legs.
What beautiful skin you have.
I’ve always liked your smile.
I love you when you talk.
Why are you so sexy?

These are basic examples that you can use with the person you are with. Do not keep everything you like about her, tell her.

The best thing is that the first sentences are moderate. Little by little you can say hotter things as you get naked and touch with more passion.

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Kiss her during Sex

Use your lips to stimulate desire, just as you use caresses and words. A good kiss is the best way to excite a person. You should know that a kiss allows you to express what you feel.

Do it lovingly and cheekily, and fill her with deep, wet kisses.

But don’t just kiss her on her mouth. Also kiss her neck, her cheekbones, her back. Intersperse words and kisses. At some point you can take a small bite, which is not too strong.

Touch is the Key

Her body is your canvas, go through it and enjoy it. Touch her hands, her arms, her legs, then you can touch her abdomen. Do it with circular movements.

When you are already warm, you can be a little more daring and play what you want. You can do it on her blouse, on her underwear, or on her bare skin.

Tell her everything that turns you on about her body

You can vary the intensity with which you grab her skin and you can squeeze her body more intensely for a few moments. Pull up her blouse and remove her bra. All very delicately and feeling the rhythm of it.

Stimulate her breasts

Once she’s out of her top and bra, tell her what you think of her breasts. Pet them; one by one. Then gently touch the edges of the breasts, gradually increasing the intensity of the pressure. Until you get to touch her nipples.

Kiss her breasts and her nipples for a while and then you can suck on them. You can also use ice and run it over her nipples.

Touch the nipples gently and carefully. This is a fairly important erogenous zone and some women may have very sensitive nipples. Bring the tips of your index finger and thumb together and gently rub the nipple.

Finger stimulation

The rubbing with your fingers is a good way to give pleasure to your partner. Use your hands in different ways, with different movements. You can play by changing the pressure and speed.

Use your knowledge about yourself on your partner. Try various moves on your partner. Stroke her as you would like to be stroked.

Look for erogenous points

Each woman has different erogenous points and you will have to know hers. By her position, the most erogenous place of all is the clitoris. Through the clitoris, the highest degrees of pleasure and satisfaction can be achieved.

The clitoris is a point of many sensations and of great delicacy. That is why you must be very careful and know how she likes sex. There are women who like fast and constant friction, while others prefer gentle rubbing and slow rubbing.

Stimulate your genitals

Stimulating the vulva with your fingers is the last step after all the preliminaries (caresses, kisses and contacts). The vulva is a complex and multifaceted organ full of secrets and surprises.

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It is highly recommended not to have long nails for this type of contact, do not believe pornography where women touch and stimulate each other wearing long and thick nails. It can even be painful and can even cause an injury.

Stimulating the vulva and clitoris with your fingers can be part of a sexual encounter full of emotions and pleasures. But it will be more pleasant if you accompany it with all the other elements that we have told you about.

Combine rhythms and caresses, words and kisses, and touch her and let yourself be touched.

Foreplay and Lesbian Oral Sex

One of the favorite practices of any person and could be the key to master orgasms, which of course, is enough for an entire dedicated article. This GIF speaks for itself. Take your time… and do not rush.

Lesbian Sex Positions

There are many positions that you can perform depending on how you feel… Learn with your girlfriend, experiment, don’t stay always practicing the same position.

If you want to add style to your sexual life, we recommend adding a harness sexy outfits or fishnet lingerie as a gift to your girl. It will be harder to hold your cum once you see her wearing this sexy clothing, but… you must check these items and spicy even more your sex life.

Sit On It

The search for new horizons can be a lot of fun.

If you like to be in control of her, you can sit on her face. You can move in different ways and change the pressure while your body receives oral sex.

At the same time your partner can touch you and kiss you in different ways; she can touch your legs and back.

You can also do it as a variation of 69. While one is lying or sitting, the other is placed on top in the reverse direction. The one on top of her can stimulate the clitoris of the one she is lying on with her fingers.

69 Sex Position

Everybody wins with this perfect act of sex. So many options and touch points to give pleasure to your partner. Be Hungry and Creative!

Scissors Sex Position for Women

Tribadism is what we commonly know as “scissors”. This position of lesbian sex is a position of genital-genital stimulation between two women. It basically consists of the movement and friction of two vulvas.

However, there is no single way to scissor.

In the most well-known form, one of the women is sitting or lying down facing the other, with her legs apart and touching vagina to vagina. Some variants of this position consist of:

One lying down and her partner sitting on top of her.
One lying with her back to her partner, sitting upstairs.
The two lying down looking at each other.
One lying on her side with her legs spread and her partner sitting between her legs.

Don’t Be Shy and Try new Things

Investigate and improvise new positions. Try and practice them so that you have more and more options. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

10 Great Sex Positions to Try

Discover the body and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest, don’t shy away.

And of course, if you want to know more, I recommend a well-known book, the kamasutra of lesbian sex.

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