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Unleashing the Rave Universe: The Best Guide to Rave Parties

Step into a world of blinding neon, pulsating beats, and uninhibited freedom. Welcome to the universe of rave parties, where you’ll encounter peculiar terms like ‘kandi’ and ‘rave bae.’ Confused? Fear not!

 In this unconventional FAQ guide, we tackle your rave queries with wit, wisdom, and just a sprinkle of sass.

What is a Rave Party?

A rave party, or simply a “rave,” is a large-scale party characterized by vibrant and loud electronic dance music (EDM), impressive light shows, and an immersive, energetic atmosphere. These parties can take place in a variety of locations, including warehouses, fields, and nightclubs.

Raves rose to prominence during the late 80s and early 90s in the UK before spreading globally. They have since become synonymous with dance culture, gathering massive crowds of attendees who come to dance, express themselves, and celebrate life. These parties often go on until the early morning hours and sometimes even for multiple days in the case of rave festivals.

While the term “rave” once referred to underground, often unpermitted gatherings, today it can refer to any large-scale dance music event, licensed or not. Rave culture also promotes a sense of community and shared connection, with many ravers adhering to the mantra of PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

From dazzling lights and pounding beats to colorful outfits and a spirited crowd, a rave party offers a unique, high-energy environment that encourages freedom of expression, communal connection, and, above all, a love for dance music.

Where to buy Rave Clothes?

The internet is chock-full of stores ready to equip you with the glitter, neon, sequins, and all manner of reflective fabrics to turn you into a human disco ball.

Online stores like Dolls Kill, Etsy, Ebay, HeartRaves, Rave Wonderland and  are practically bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors, offering everything from neon furry boots to holographic bodysuits that would make a unicorn jealous. Amazon is also a great one-stop-shop for everything rave-related. You can even find a few gems at thrift stores or get creative and DIY your outfit.

What to wear to a Rave for girls?

Oh, darling, the possibilities are as endless as a techno DJ’s tracklist! The number one rule when dressing for a rave is: there are no rules!

Forget everything your fashion-sensible friend told you about matching colors and the “less is more” approach. In the rave world, if your outfit isn’t making someone’s eyeballs vibrate, you’re not doing it right.

Let’s start from the top. Literally. Need to keep that hair off your face while you’re tearing up the dance floor? How about a neon wig, booty shorts, or reflective clothes ? Or better yet, a unicorn horn headband.

Next, a off the shoulder crop top or bralette will do, but why stop there? Get that sequined, glittery or holographic top that screams, “I’m here to party!” You know, the one that’d make a disco ball feel inadequate.

For the bottom, your options range from micro-mini skirts that have more glow than fabric, to bedazzled shorts that can reflect the sun and light up the moon. And if it’s a bit chilly? Furry leg warmers are your best friends, not to mention they double as fantastic conversation starters.

Footwear? Go for comfortable shoes, as you’ll be dancing for hours. But why wear normal sneakers when you could be rocking LED shoes that light up with every step?

Accessories? Well, honey, you can’t forget the kandi. Kandi are brightly colored bracelets, necklaces, and rings made from chunky beads that you exchange with your fellow ravers in a heart-warming tradition.

There you go! And remember, the only real must-have at a rave is a confident attitude and an open mind. So, go forth, my brave raver. Go forth and light up the dance floor, literally and figuratively.

What to wear to a Rave for guys?

Let’s dispel the rumor that rave attire for men is just cargo shorts and a tank top. Not on our watch, buddy!

First off, who said only ladies can have all the neon fun?

It’s time to raid your local thrift store, or better yet, delve into the online realm of Dolls Kill or I heart for Rave. Yes, they cater to men and unisex items, too.

Starting from the top, bandanas or bucket hats are all the rage. Choose one in neon, tie-dye, or even one that lights up – yes, they exist. For your torso, consider a psychedelic tank top, or go bare-chested and cover yourself in body paint or glitter. Become the human canvas you’ve always wanted to be.

For the bottom half, harem pants with bold prints are a great choice. They’re loose, comfy and ideal for those rave dance moves you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror. Otherwise, colorful board shorts will do the trick.

Now, let’s talk about footwear. Sure, you could wear those comfy sneakers, but why not take it up a notch? Light-up shoes, anyone? They add a literal spring to your step, with combat boots or cowboy boots, shoes are always welcome and we do not recommend flip-flops or sandals.

Finally, accessories. Kandi isn’t just for the ladies – adorn yourself with beaded bracelets, necklaces, and even cuffs. It’s all about expressing yourself and connecting with your fellow ravers.

So guys, take note: rave attire or edm sets is your opportunity to be as loud, proud and colorful as you want. Don’t hold back – after all, if you can’t wear LED shoes and a sequined cape at a rave, where can you?

How to dance at a Rave?

First and foremost, remember that you’re there to enjoy the music and have a good time, so forget about trying to impress anyone with your slick moves. At raves, the one who is having the most fun is always the best dancer!

The essence of rave dancing is in the freedom it offers. No rules, no routines, just pure, unadulterated joy. Here are some basic steps you might want to consider, though:

  1. The Bass Pump: This is a classic rave dance move. As the name suggests, you simply pump your fist in time with the beat. You can pump both fists together, or alternate them. The Bass Pump is the rave equivalent of bobbing your head to the music. Easy peasy!
  2. The Two-Step: This is when you step from one side to the other in time with the beat. You can add in some arm movements or a little hop to spice things up. The two-step is basic, yet a fail-safe option if you’re unsure about what to do.
  3. Jumping: When the beat drops, it’s time to jump! Just let go and let your body bounce to the rhythm. If you feel self-conscious, don’t worry – everyone else is doing it too.

4. Liquid Dancing: This involves fluid, flowing movements with your arms and body. It’s a bit trickier to master, but looks great when done correctly.

5. Shuffling: This is a footwork-heavy dance that involves sliding and turning your feet to the beat. It’s a little more advanced but sure to impress. There are plenty of tutorials online if you want to learn!

But remember, the most important rule of rave dancing is to do what feels right for you. Feel the music, move to the beat, and let the rhythm take control. You’re not in a dance competition; you’re in a judgment-free zone designed for fun and self-expression. So just dance like nobody’s watching, because honestly, they’re too busy doing their own thing to worry about your dance moves!

How to find a Rave?

So, you want to find a rave, huh? Welcome to the underground, my friend. Well, sometimes it’s not so underground, but it always takes a bit of detective work. Here’s how you can join the party:

Social Media: It’s the digital age, and even the most clandestine raves have a Facebook event page or an Instagram account. Follow local DJs, event promoters, and venues on social media, and you’ll start seeing event pages popping up.

Word of Mouth: Nothing beats the old-fashioned grapevine. Start hanging out with people who are already in the scene. Make friends, be cool, and soon you’ll hear whispers about the next secret shindig.

Local Clubs and Music Venues: Many raves happen at legit music venues, at least to start. Check the calendars of local clubs and keep an eye out for electronic music nights. These can often be gateways to the more underground scene.

Online Communities: Websites and forums like Reddit have active communities for every interest under the sun, raving included. Join one of these groups, be respectful, and ask around.

Music Festivals: Larger electronic music festivals often have ties to the rave scene. Going to these events can give you an in-road to smaller, more underground events. #musicfestivals

Flyers and Posters: Yes, people still use these! Check out the poster boards in record stores, hip coffee shops, or any other places that seem to cater to a cool, artsy crowd.

Remember, raves are about the music, the community, and the vibe. It’s not a place for judgment or drama. So, while you’re doing your detective work, make sure you bring a positive attitude and respect for the culture. See you on the dance floor!

What is Rave music?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a disused warehouse at 2 am, pulsating with the bassline of the electronic beat while a sea of neon-clad ravers surround you, you might have an idea of what we’re talking about.

Rave music, in its most distilled form, is a sub-genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in the late 1980s. It’s characterized by repetitive beats, high energy, and synth-heavy sounds. It’s music that’s designed to keep you moving, sweating, and, well, raving until the wee hours of the morning.

Rave music encompasses various sub-genres, each with its own unique characteristics. There’s house music, known for its four-on-the-floor beats and soulful vocals; techno, which tends to be more minimalistic and mechanical; trance, which features big, epic melodies and a hypnotic rhythm; drum and bass, characterized by fast breakbeats and heavy basslines; and dubstep, known for its aggressive sound and wobble bass, among others.

Here it is a playlist of trance music

One important aspect of rave music is its symbiotic relationship with the rave itself. The music is designed to enhance the collective, immersive experience of the rave and promote a sense of unity and shared ecstasy. So, in a sense, rave music is less about the specific genre and more about the feeling it invokes – a feeling of unity, liberation, and transcendence.

In conclusion, rave music is less of a genre and more of a cultural movement. So next time you’re at a rave, don’t just listen to the music. Feel it, live it, be one with it. And remember, it’s always rave o’clock somewhere!

What is kandi rave?

Oh, so you want to talk about the sweet stuff, do you? When you hear “kandi” in the context of a rave, nobody’s talking about the sugary treats (although who doesn’t love a good lollipop during a rave, amirite?).

No, kandi at a rave refers to the bright, colorful, and often elaborate bracelets made out of pony beads that ravers wear and trade. These beaded bracelets are an iconic part of rave culture and a visual symbol of love, peace, respect, and unity – the four principles, or “PLUR”, that ravers live by.

Making and trading kandi is a way to connect with other people in the rave community. It’s not uncommon to see ravers decked out with kandi up to their elbows, each piece a memento from a friend or a fellow raver met at an event.

Each kandi bracelet often holds a personal significance to its maker. The beads can spell out names, phrases, or inside jokes, and often include a special bead or charm. It’s a little piece of personal expression in a sea of thumping bass and strobe lights.

But remember, kandi is about more than just fashion – it’s a symbol of a community built on love, respect, and, yes, dancing until dawn. So if you’re lucky enough to be given a piece of kandi, wear it with pride and honor the spirit in which it was given. And maybe make a few pieces of your own to spread the love. See you on the dance floor, kandi kid!

How to make rave kandi?

Oh, honey, you’re about to dive headfirst into a world of colorful pony beads and funky phrases. Welcome to the kandi factory!

Step 1: Gather your materials. You’ll need elastic cord, pony beads in various colors (bonus points if they’re neon or glow-in-the-dark), and optionally some special charms or larger beads to make your kandi pop.

Step 2: Measure and cut your cord. Wrap the cord around your wrist to determine the length you need for a bracelet, then add a few extra inches to account for the knot you’ll be tying later.

Step 3: Start beading! Thread your pony beads onto the cord in any pattern you like. Want to spell out “PLUR” or your rave name? You’ll need alphabet beads for that. Feeling a bit extra? Throw in a special charm or a large bead.

Step 4: Tie it off. Once you’re happy with your design, tie the ends of the cord together. A surgeon’s knot (it’s like a regular knot but fancier, look it up) is a good option because it’s secure but can still be untied if needed.

Step 5: Repeat! One kandi bracelet is never enough. Create a whole collection to wear and share at your next rave.

Easy way video tutorial on how to make Kandi for Raves.

A word of warning though, kandi making can be addictive. Before you know it, you could find yourself ankle-deep in beads, crafting intricate cuffs and necklaces while planning your next rave outfit. And remember, the real joy of kandi is in the sharing, so make sure to create a few extra pieces to trade with your fellow ravers. Happy beading, my rave-obsessed friend!

What is a rave bae?

Ah, the elusive “Rave Bae”. The term may sound as mysterious as the depths of a drop in a bass-heavy techno track, but let’s decode this one together, shall we?

A “Rave Bae” is essentially someone’s significant other at a rave. Now, don’t get too excited or frightened (depending on your commitment level), this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re signing a marriage contract. A Rave Bae can be a long-term partner or just a good friend who you love raving with.

Rave Baes do couple-like things like dance together, keep each other hydrated, and take care of each other when those trippy light shows become a little too much. They’re your main squeeze, your dance floor partner, your vibing companion, your PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) promoter.

Whether it’s a full-blown romantic partner or a friend who has your back, Rave Baes make the rave experience better by sharing the music, the dance, and the energy together. But remember, a good Rave Bae relationship, like any relationship, is about mutual respect and care. So, look after your Rave Bae, and they’ll do the same for you. Rave on, you lovebirds!

What is a rave outfit?

My dear, you’re about to embark on a psychedelic fashion journey! A rave outfit is the sartorial equivalent of a bass drop—bold, colorful, and designed to make a statement.

Rave outfits are typically eye-catching and eccentric, reflective of the uninhibited spirit of a rave. There are no strict rules, which is the beauty of it. The most important thing is to express yourself and feel comfortable while dancing your heart out.

For the ladies, think neon crop tops, holographic bikinis, fishnet stockings, flared pants, and the daring may even opt for body glitter or rhinestone bralettes. Accessories could range from kandi bracelets to LED gloves, furry leg warmers, and face gems. The ultimate aim? To look like a walking, dancing piece of art!

Guys, you’re not left out. Graphic tees or tanks, neon or holographic shorts, booty shorts, and funky accessories like LED glasses, bandanas, or even full-on costumes are totally rave-worthy.

Remember, a rave is a place of acceptance, love, and unity. It’s about expressing yourself in a safe and judgement-free environment. So, break the fashion rules! Be wild, be bold, be you. Now, go on and light up that dance floor!

What do you do at a rave?

You’re probably wondering, “What the heck do you do at a rave?” Well, my dear rave newbie, buckle up! Here comes the ride.

Dance like no one’s watching: This one’s a no-brainer. Raves are all about losing yourself to the beat and moving your body in ways you didn’t know were possible (or attractive).

Meet new people: Raves attract a diverse crowd, so you’ll have the chance to mingle with people from all walks of life. You might find your new best friend, a rave bae, or at the very least, an interesting conversation.

Admire the visuals: From laser light shows to intricate stage designs, raves are a feast for the eyes. Take some time to soak it all in.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Dancing + heat + crowd = sweat fest. Make sure to drink water to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up.

Trade kandi: These colorful beaded bracelets are part of rave culture, and trading them with others is a way to make friends and keep souvenirs of your night.

Chill and enjoy the vibe: Not every moment has to be filled with non-stop dancing. Sometimes, the best part of a rave is just sitting back, enjoying the music, and absorbing the positive energy around you.

Remember, the rave mantra is PLUR—Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Keep that in mind, and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time! Now get out there, dance like a maniac, and rave responsibly. You’ve got this!

Why are rave outfits so revealing?

Well, well, well, the million-dollar question – why do ravers dress like they’re auditioning for the ‘Least Dressed’ award? I’ll let you in on a secret: there’s a method to the scantily-clad madness.

Beat the Heat: With all the dancing, jumping, and moving, raves can get hotter than a summer’s day in the Sahara. Skimpy clothing helps keep ravers cool amidst the fervor.

Freedom of Expression: Rave culture encourages individuality and self-expression. The wild and revealing outfits are a chance for ravers to showcase their personality and creativity.

Body Positivity: Raves are all about acceptance, and that includes body acceptance. The environment encourages people to feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter the size or shape.

The ‘Wow’ Factor: There’s no denying that eye-catching clothes are, well, eye-catching. Rave outfits are designed to stand out and add to the vibrant, otherworldly atmosphere.

Now, does this mean you need to bare it all to fit in at a rave?

Absolutely not! It’s all about wearing what makes you comfortable. If that’s a full-on neon jumpsuit, great! If it’s a sequined bikini top and hot pants, fantastic! Rave fashion is all about you-do-you, with a sprinkle of glitter on top. So, go forth and express yourself!

How old is it to go to a rave?

Ready to party but still using a fake ID? Slow down, turbo! The minimum age to attend a rave varies from one event to another.

Some raves are strictly 21+ because, you know, alcohol. Other events might be 18+ or even all ages. But before you grab your 5-year-old cousin to show them the wonders of EDM, remember that “all ages” doesn’t necessarily mean “suitable for all ages.”

Your best bet is to check the specific age requirement for each event, which is usually listed on the ticket or event page. And remember, even if you can sneak in with a fake ID, that doesn’t mean you should.

Remember folks, raving is a marathon, not a sprint. There’s a whole lifetime of neon, glitter, and EDM waiting for you. So don’t rush it. Keep it legal and keep it safe. Be patient, young grasshopper. Your time to dance under the laser lights will come.

How much are rave tickets?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but attending a rave isn’t exactly as cheap as buying candy. Tickets for these neon-soaked spectacles can range dramatically depending on several factors. Here’s the breakdown:

Event Magnitude: Small, local raves might only set you back $20-$40. Meanwhile, massive festivals like EDC or Ultra can make your wallet cry, with tickets starting at around $300 and soaring up into the thousands for VIP experiences.

Line-up: You want big names? Well, big names come with big price tags, darling. A headliner like Martin Garrix or Armin van Buuren isn’t going to be playing at your local $20-a-ticket gig.

Location: A rave in a city like LA or Miami is likely to be more expensive than one in a smaller city or town. And don’t forget about travel costs if the rave isn’t local.

When You Buy: Tickets usually get more expensive as the event gets closer, and prices can skyrocket on resale sites if the event sells out. So, unless you enjoy parting with your money, try to buy early.

So, start saving those pennies, rave-enthusiast. And remember, the cost doesn’t stop at the ticket. You’ll probably want to factor in the price of glow sticks, neon face paint, rave clothes, and maybe a tutu or two.

So, in conclusion, how much are rave tickets?

Well, they can be dirt-cheap or bank-breaking. It’s all up to where you’re going, who’s playing, and how fast you click that “buy” button. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing ravers are more into dancing than eating, because you might not be able to afford both.

What to expect at a rave?

Well, just like your first roller coaster ride, you’re in for thrills, a few surprises, and maybe a touch of nausea if you’re not careful. Here’s a crash course:

Music, music, and more music: Raves are essentially music marathons. Expect your eardrums to be serenaded (or more accurately, blasted) by thumping beats and electrifying rhythms. You’ll find an array of genres from House to Trance, Drum and Bass, and everything in between.

Crowds: Think shopping on Black Friday, but with more glow sticks and less clothing. Raves can attract thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people. So if you have an aversion to humans, you might want to rethink your plan.

Dancing: Oh, there’s going to be a whole lot of jiving, swaying, shuffling, and maybe a few questionable moves you’ve never seen before. Even if you’ve got two left feet, nobody’s judging. So embrace your inner Travolta and dance like everyone is watching, but you don’t care!

Fashion Extravaganza: Raves are where fashion rules go to die. Expect to see wild, daring, and sometimes confusing attire. Think neon tutus, LED sneakers, copious body glitter, pacifiers, and probably more skin than you bargained for.

Lights and Visuals: Imagine if Picasso and Spielberg had a baby, and that baby was high on caffeine. The light shows at raves are intense, vibrant, and mind-blowing. Add to that some trippy visuals on screens, and you’ve got a feast for the eyes.

Good Vibes: Despite the intensity, most raves preach PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. The atmosphere is generally friendly, with lots of happy faces and high fives.

In conclusion, expect to step into a different world, a whirlwind of sound, color, and energy. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience, provided you remember to stay hydrated, take breaks, and respect those around you. Happy raving, you neon warrior, you!

Do You need to bring condoms to a Rave?

As you prepare for a rave, there are some essentials you can’t forget. Glowing wristbands? Check. Hydration pack? Check. Earplugs? Definitely check. But condoms? Hmm…

Raves, for the uninitiated, are gatherings of electronic dance music enthusiasts. They’re marked by high energy, neon lights, and of course, thumping beats that penetrate every fiber of your being. Now, while the primary focus is dancing and music, human nature can sometimes have other ideas.

Let’s address the pulsating question head-on: Should you pack protection for a rave? The answer is straightforward: If you think there’s even a remote chance you might engage in intimate activities, then yes, better safe than… well, you know.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Safety First, Always: With the heightened emotions, energy, and sometimes the influence of alcohol or other substances, raves can become spaces where boundaries blur. Ensuring you have protection not only reduces the risk of STIs and unplanned pregnancies but also underlines a commitment to consensual and responsible intimacy.
  2. Convenience: Trust us, if the moment arrives, you don’t want to be the person saying, “I wish I had a condom.” It’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  3. Minimal Baggage: Condoms aren’t exactly bulky. They won’t cramp your style or weigh you down.
  4. Confidence Booster: Knowing you’re prepared can boost your confidence. It’s not about expecting something to happen; it’s just about being ready if it does.
  5. Consent is Paramount: While having a condom might mean you’re prepared, it doesn’t guarantee anything. Mutual consent and clear communication are essential.

What you should do: Packing a condom for a rave (or any event, really) is a small act that can make a significant difference. It underscores responsibility, preparedness, and respect for both oneself and others. So, pop it in your bag alongside your glow sticks and hydration pack, dance the night away, and always remember that no matter the setting, consent and communication are key!

And hey, even if you end up just sharing glow sticks and not heartbeats, at least you’re prepared for all scenarios. Happy raving!

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