What Are Erogenous Zones?

The phrase “erogenous zones” was coined by psychologists at the end of the 19th century to describe those parts of the body that people find incredibly stimulating. Contrary to the belief that there are precisely seven erogenous zones, the number can vary across cultures and individuals. ‌

If you’re wondering what the seven zones are or how to locate them, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about erogenous zones, including how to find them and what to do when you get there.

Erogenous Zones

The word erogenous combines two words: the Greek word eros, meaning “love,” and the English word genous, which means “producing.” So a translation of the term erogenous zones would be “love-producing zones” — and that’s exactly what they are. They are those places on your body that make you say, “Yes, please — more!”

But erogenous zones go far beyond the primary sexual organs. The TV show “Friends” famously portrayed a depiction of the seven erogenous zones, but there can be many more. From the nape of the neck to the small of the waist, erogenous zones are sensitive to the touch and can cause arousal even if sex wasn’t already on the mind.

Do Both Sexes Share Similar Erogenous Zones?

Yes and no. Some basic erogenous zones are shared by individuals with a penis and individuals with a vulva alike. Other parts of the body may be incredibly stimulating for one gender or the other.

Do you know the Camel Sex Position?

It’s also important to keep in mind that every person is an individual. What one person finds stimulating may not stimulate another in the least. Knowing erogenous zones can be a valuable guide for exploring your partner’s body and finding out what turns them on. Still, communication is the key to making that newfound knowledge work.

What Are the Basic Erogenous Zones?

The seven primary erogenous zones made famous by Monica Geller in “Friends” were a combination of zones that are sexy to both genders and those that are specifically sexy to those with a vulva. But leaving the magic number seven aside for a moment, the primary erogenous zones common to both individuals with a penis and individuals with a vulva include:

  • Buttocks
  • Neck
  • Inner wrist
  • Lower back
  • Mouth and lips
  • Inner thighs
  • Nipples

What Zones Do People Usually Miss?

Looking to incorporate a few new erogenous zones into your sexual encounters? Some parts of the body are highly stimulating but too often overlooked — either because they’re harder to reach or not what people immediately think about when having sex. Here are a few erogenous zones you and your partner may have missed:

  • Behind the knees
  • Fingertips
  • Earlobes
  • The palm
  • Feet
  • Scalp

What Are Erogenous Zones for People With a Penis?

In addition to the erogenous zones shared by individuals with a penis and individuals with a vulva, people with a penis have specific zones they may find incredibly stimulating. These include:

  • Penis
  • Scrotum and testicles
  • Frenulum
  • Perineum
  • Anus and prostate

Although other erogenous zones play a considerable role in bringing pleasure to people with a penis, the most intense orgasms will usually come from stimulating the head of the penis (the glans) or the P-spot.

What Are Erogenous Zones for People With a Vulva?

People with a vulva also enjoy a unique subset of erogenous zones. These include:

  • Clitoris
  • G-spot
  • A-spot
  • Pubic mound
  • Cervix

For people with a vulva, some of the most intense erogenous zones include the breasts, the clitoris, and the G-spot.

What Are the Most Erogenous Zones?

You may think that the most erogenous zones are the sexual organs like the penis and vagina, but that’s not always true. Some people say the brain is the most erogenous zone of all. Knowing about erogenous zones — and especially some of the lesser-known ones — can allow you to excite your partner slowly and build tension, which can lead to more intense orgasms and more memorable sexual experiences.

How to Find Erogenous Zones?

Although people share the same erogenous zones, that doesn’t mean all zones turn on all people. There can be several reasons why a certain one may not turn a person on. They could be hyper-sensitive, finding the spot more ticklish than sexy, or they may have damaged nerve endings that make them numb in certain areas. Stigmas or previous sexual encounters can also ruin certain zones for certain people.

So how do you find which erogenous zones work on your partner? Luckily, experimenting in this area can be fun!

If you want to know where your partner’s zones are:

  1. Try body mapping.
  2. Slowly kiss or massage their body, and have them tell you which spots feel especially sensitive.
  3. Mark those spots with edible paints. When you’re done mapping their body, you can go back and explore those marked spots to see which feel good and which are perhaps too sensitive for your partner to enjoy.

How Do You Stimulate Erogenous Zones?

Luckily, stimulating erogenous zones doesn’t have to take a lot of work. For the primary zones that individuals with a penis and individuals with a vulva share, accessible forms of stimulation include:

  • Gently touching or caressing
  • Massaging
  • Kissing, licking, or sucking
  • Gently nibbling or biting

Sex toys can also help. Vibrators, massage oils and edible paint are all great options to use when exploring your partner’s zones.

How To Stimulate Erogenous Zones for Those With a Penis?

If you’re looking to stimulate the erogenous zones specific to people with a penis, the first step is to talk to your partner about what they think feels good. Blow jobs and hand jobs are great for stimulating the penis and the glans. To stimulate the perineum, try slowly licking from their anus toward their penis, or cup their testicles in your hand and use a gentle rolling motion.

Are you looking to stimulate the P-spot? Your tongue can be a fantastic way to start stimulating the anus. If you want to reach the prostate, be sure to use plenty of lube and then insert your finger or a sex toy. The prostate is located between the anus and the penis, toward the front.

How To Stimulate Erogenous Zones for Those With a Vulva?

For those with a vulva, it’s especially important to warm up by stimulating other erogenous spots first. Most individuals with a vulva agree that foreplay is a necessity for good sex. But when it’s time to stimulate the erogenous zones unique to those with a vulva, your tongue can be your friend. Licking or very gently rubbing the clitoris can be highly sensual for women.

Want to hit the G-spot? It’s located inside the vaginal canal, about an inch or so in, along the wall toward the belly button. You can insert a penis (if you have one), a vibrator, a dildo, or even a finger to stimulate this extremely sensitive internal erogenous zone.

Take Your Sexual Experience to the Next Level

Just as pressure points can cause powerful effects on the human body, erogenous zones can be used to bring your sexual encounters to the next level. You can use your knowledge of these zones to bring mind-numbing orgasms to your partner. All it takes is a little experimentation and a heaping spoonful of fun!


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