What is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is a relationship or scenario in which one partner enjoys being deprived of sex. Instead, they get off on watching their partner have sex with another person

Cuckolding is divided:

  • The cuckold or cuck: The one watching.
  • The cuckoldress or cuckquean: The partner to the cuckold.
  • The bull: The one who has sex with the cuckoldress.

Why they Called Cuckolding?

The term “cuckolding” simply referred to men whose partners cheated on them without their knowledge. Men would often not realize it until their partner had a child that did not resemble him, similar to how cuckoo birds sometimes have other birds sit on their eggs.

The cuckoo birds often lay eggs in other birds’ nests. 

Now cuckolding refers to the sexual fetish, which has blossomed across the internet.

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Why Do People Enjoy Cuckolding?


There are many reasons why someone would enjoy cuckolding. Some of them are rooted in psychological theories. If you find yourself turned on by the idea, it may be a good idea to look into why you like it. You may find a new side of yourself to explore!

Feeling Happy For Your Partner

The term “compersion” means feeling happy because of someone else’s joy. In non-monogamous circles, it is often used to describe one partner’s happiness when another partner has an additional positive date or relationship. In this case, some cuckolds like it because it thrills them to know their partner is having a great time, just with someone else.

Sperm Competition Theory

This theory posits that the drive to reproduce causes some men to enjoy watching their partners have sex with other men. Watching their partner have sex with someone else can give them harder, stronger, and more great orgasms for some men.

It’s Taboo

For some who have this fetish, this is a sexy subject to keep hush-hush. It’s an idea that many would find shocking and that temptation alone is the starting point for many different kinks.

The Ties to BDSM

For some submissive people, cuckolding ticks all the boxes they are into. It allows their partner to control the bedroom and makes them feel even more submissive, which is how they like it.


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