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What Is Flogging In Sex?

flogging sex

Flogging is the act of whipping someone with a whip that has many different leather strands at the end. These whips are called floggers. Floggers are unique because they increase the surface area of the whip’s sensation on the skin. Floggers can also be used to scintillate, tickle and tease your partner.

How Does Flogging Tie Into Sex?

So much about BDSM is about power. After all, the acronym does stand for bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism(the “S” stands for both submission and sadism). Flogging fits right into this theme of power. 

There is no way that flogging’s ancient roots as punishment from an authority figure do not echo into the present. The aspect of punishment’s and pain can make both the dominant person who is flogging and the submissive person who is being flogged get erotically charged during the act.

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What Is the Best Type of Flogger for Beginners?

As you may be able to guess, the First Time Flogger is an ideal flogger for a beginner. It is long and lean enough to provide quite a bit of sensation but not push you to your limit every time you use it. 

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How To Determine What The Best Flogger for You

If you are interested in flogging or being flogged, you should talk to the partner with whom you want to do that. Together, you can discuss what you wish the flogging scene to look like before it happens. Based on your mutual preferences, experiences, and comfortability, you should be able to determine what kind of flogger would be best. 

The longer stranded, the less hefty floggers are better for beginners because the area of sensation will be lessened, and the weight of the flogger will be lighter. This will result in a less intense flogging experience designed for people who aren’t looking for the highest level of sensation. 

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Floggers that are more chunky and heavy with a lessened radius of sensation are meant for people who have been flogged before. These floggers are for people who want to feel the flogging experience deeply. 

Safety Items to Consider 

If you are engaging in flogging, you need to have conversations beforehand with the partners you choose to do it with. This is an essential safety item to consider. Both partners should have safe words; that way, if any partner is in pain or needs to stop the scene, that can safely and quickly happen. 

Additionally, some types of flogging can be pretty intense. Ensure you take care of the impacted parts of your body by icing them or practicing whatever aftercare you need. 

Pleasure, pain, floggers; you can have it all. You can also not have to explain why you want it all. Whether we like it or not, most people enjoy their pleasure with a bit of pain. Some may prefer more pain or more fun than others. 

Flogging is an exciting and intense step into this delicate line of pleasure/pain. If you want to take your play to the next level, you should invest in a flogger today. 

Here are some of the best floggers that can fit your need, whatever they are!

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