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10 GFI Sex Positions

What is GFI in slang meaning?

Gagging For It: This term is used to describe a girl who is supposedly looking for an imminent sexual relationship.

GFI (Go For It): is an expression of encouragement with a meaning similar to “Just do it” or “Go ahead., do not give up.”

Hungry For You, created this blog post and article for you that is looking for “go for it”, sex positions so you can try with your partner.

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Go For It Sex Positions

The goal is always to give pleasure to your partner, no matter what. That’s why it’s essential to “be present”! Sometimes, focus on your partner’s chest, or back for 5 minutes, say dirty things, and make her or him horny!

1. Eiffel Tower Position

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In the classic romantic and French position, your partner bends forward and rests their elbows on the floor and bows down the head as well. And you need to come from behind and start your thrusting in her buttholes.

It’s not a comfortable position, but it can give a lot of pleasure to both.

2. The Deep Impact

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We are talking about Sex Positions GFI, which means go for it or Gagging For It, and deeper penetration is a great way to start.

In this case, your partner lies in bed raising their legs in the air, and you need to sit and approach the butthole and start thrusting. It goes deeper than you can imagine. Don’t push too hard because that can be painful for your partner. Go Slow and enjoy the movement, ask your partner how she/he feels, and keep focusing on the pleasure. That’s what matters, right?

3. The Hot Seat

To perform this sex position all, you need to do this. Sit on the chair, leaning forward, and stretch your legs forward. She comes over your erected dick and places her palms on your thighs for support. She will keep her face opposite to yours.

You must have a comfortable chair, but not too soft, the man is the support, so it’s vital to stay firm. The partner on top is in charge here.

4. The Throne

This is another sex position that you should use on the Gagging For It relationship. All girls love this position because you will have access to her nipples, mount, and neck. Don’t forget to touch her back and hold her butt firm.

All you need to do is sit on the chair, and she comes in your lap holding your shoulders for support and sets her pussy on your dick for better penetration. The friction between you and her vagina will benefit your sex and drive more pleasure for both of you.

5. The Wall

There are a wall everywhere in the house. I don’t know why but I do prefer something that is hided, behind the door, for this position you can use the wall that you want. To perform this Sex Position GFI you must:

1: One partner is in a standing position.

2: The active come closer from behind and gets into the place.

3: You can reach her vagina and touch her with your fingers in this position. That way, you can have extra help, a small dick from behind, and a finger in the clitoris.

6. Reverse Cowgirl with Sex Toys

Why not spice the things up and use additional toys go give even more pleasure for your partner? This is the list of GFI (Go For It) sex positions so don’t be shy.

This sex position can be performed when he lies flat, and she comes over him and adjusts herself to his rock-hard cock. She starts getting in charge of the action, and the person with a penis can have access to touch her back while playing with a vibrator sex toy or a clitoral stimulator.

7. Squad Sex Position

Go Forward Girl, just do it.
“There’s no man in the world that does not enjoy seeing their partner in charge, sitting on top of him.”

To be 100% effective you must ask: Is your partner skill enough to open legs like doing a squat?

He lies flat on the bed, and she sets her vagina on his fully erected cock so that she can go deeper and circularly moves her butts to derive more pleasure.

8. Sex Position GFI, Tetherball

The sex position gif above shows a couple in an advanced sex position. I encourage you to try, but you must have skills and trust your partner. It’s not an easy sex position to perform, but why not since we are talking about GFI Sex Positions?

Use the Powerball and the table from previous ideas and play our last suggestion sex position for owners of a smaller penis.

You can play the Tetherball sex position to reach significant sensations. She will need to rest her upper back on the ball and lift her lower body to height so that he can hold her by her waist, and she keeps her legs for better support. Now, he approaches her inviting juicy pussy and starts thrusting. Any penis of any size will benefit from position #15.

9. The Rocker

There is not anything you two feel shy about! Just do it, girl! This sex position will let you explore her vagina closer than the closest. Feed him!

He lies flat on the bed, and she almost sits on her mouth, and he starts exploring every nook and cranny, and she only can scream, go deeper.

10. The Buffet

The buffet is on, and you’re Hungry for Her!

She leans forward, holds her ankles for support, and lifts her butts slightly higher. He comes from behind, grabs her thighs to come closer to her already wet coochie, and the party begins.


Don’t forget that you also have fingers, hands, and tongues. Use them. Sex is not only about the penetration is about the whole connection.

Sex Positions GFI will help you in your sexual relationship with benefits, or maybe we are talking about something more serious. It’s a fact that if you have more sexual experience, more you can make that person not forget you.

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