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Ballet Dancer Sex Position

This position requires from both sides advanced skills since it will not be easy to perform such a risk, flexible and agile position.

How to Perform the ballet dancer Sex Position?

Like a dance, the couple that will perform the ballet dancer position needs to be synchronized. As Hungry for You described above, it’s a challenging sex position, and for that reason, be careful.

What should He do?

For the person responsible for the penetration, you must maintain a tall, erect pose so your partner can dance around you. The partner that will receive the penetration will be using your neck as the rest for the hand and ankle, where it grabs the foot to create the ballerina stance that opens her up for direct penetration.

What should She do?

Get ready to show all your elastic and moves. You will need furniture or a bar like the professional ballerinas to use for exercise. You can use a chair, a couch, or maybe a desk. Slowly lift one leg above your partner’s head, grabbing it with the hand on the same side of the body. Stabilize yourself with the other hand, and let him do the rest.

Sex Positions that are Similar to the Ballerina Dancer

The name of the sex position above is the Super Man, but it can also be used as the Ballerina Dancer, since the man is holding the partner in the hips. This sex position is also hard level.

The sex position above is another idea that can spice the things up with your partner since you are looking for the ballet girl sex position. It’s a little bit easier than the original since you can use your hands on the floor as a support and the one leg in the corner of the bed.

Our last tip is the Spider-Man position, where it’s an easy task. The person receiving the penetration uses the bed as support and lifts one leg on the shoulder of the person in charge of penetration. The man can also have access to the anus of the person receiving the penetration, which can increase pleasure.

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