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Cow Girl Sex Position

This sex position is one of the most popular in the world and shows the dominance and control from the receiver person in the sex. At the same time, the active person can have access to many body parts and touch during the action. There is also, similar positions to the Cow Girl at the end of this post.

Sex Position Level – EASY

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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The Cow Girl sex position is incredibly satisfying, she or he, can be at the top of the active person, and sitting can control the rhythm of the play.

You can get a deep penetration from the cow girl position. If done correctly, you can also reach the G-spot or the P-Spot.

How to Perform the Cow Girl Sex Position?

Get ready to be have pleasurable moment with your partner once you perform this position. You can add some sex toys and include fetish play into this position. Doing the Cow Girl it can be done with clothes in any place or location, if the floor is clean, of course. Use you imagination and do not forget to make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

What should He do?

That’s pretty easy. Just lay down and touch your partner’s breasts, butt, and clitoris. The active person will have access to the whole body of the receiver.

What should She do?

Sit straddling on top of your partner, facing toward their head. While sitting up straight, insert your partner’s penis or a sex toy into your vagina. When you’re in the riding position on top, you can choose the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration.

Stimulating your clitoris can make you more likely to have an orgasm.

The Cow Girl Sex Position can also help with anal sex; don’t forget to use the lube. Here is an Anal Sex Guide for you to follow.

Is Cow Girl the best sex position?

I would say that is one of the best, because my partner usually reach orgasms on top of me, it’s definitely one of the best positions for women because they have the control being on top and can administer what is good plus the friction of the sex.

List of Great Sex Positions to Practice that are similar to the Cow Girl

Reverse Cow Girl Sex Position

The reverse cowgirl position can help smaller penis reach even more places of your partner. This sex position can be performed when he lies flat, and she comes over him and adjusts herself to his rock-hard cock. She starts getting in charge of the action, and the person with a penis can have access to touch her back while playing with a vibrator sex toy or a clitoral stimulator.

The Wave

Man lies down comfortably widening his legs. Woman now kind of overlaps him putting one leg between his gap and another outside of it. She will start swaying her upper body from side to side while the man holds her butts for more sensation down there.

The Sitting Cat

The man lies on her back with open legs. The woman sits on his penis with both her legs on both side of his face.

The woman or the receiver keeps one hand on his knees and the other on his chest for support.

Cow Girl Face to Face

The man sits on a chair with legs are open and bends in knees. The female partner sits on the lap facing the man with her thighs overlapping his thighs.

Both hold each other to see the pleasure touching, watching and fucking.

The Belly Dancer Cow Girl

When she is on the top, the quality depends on the woman. But, If the man can adjust properly, he can dominate with the depth of penetration. That’s the goal of the Belly Dancer Sex Position.

The man lies on his back, the female partner sits on his penis and facing him, and his hands can go everywhere, her breast and her hands are on his chest.

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