Egyptian Hucklebuck Sex Position

The Egyptian Hucklebuck sex position it’s multi-functional where the man pleasures his woman orally while he pleasures himself simultaneously with his hand. That’s an existing position slightly different from the 69 since the woman does not lay down. She is in the squat position and controls the rhythm.

Sex Position Level – Medium

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 5 out of 5.

How to Perform the Egyptian Hucklebuck Sex Position?

In this position, the man lies down on the bed facing the ceiling, and he puts a pillow under his head. His body is stretched straight, with his legs slightly parted. The woman steps on top of the man with her feet planted beside his shoulders, and she squats down to make her pelvis area sitting on the man’s face. She then bends her body down and places her hands on both sides of the man’s chest and she bows her head.


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How to be Naughty to My Partner?

The man starts to perform oral sex to his lover, and simultaneously he gives a handjob to himself. The woman must be flexible to hold her squatting and curved position.

This a great position for Foreplay, before the penetration.

Take a look at the Camel Sex Position

69 position, if the woman had her her feet planted beside the man shoulders, then we will be the Egyptian Hucklebuck

What should He do?

Just lay down and put your tongue in the mode on.

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What should She do?

She will demand the rhythm and how she want to give her vagina or anus to the partner. It’s nice do do it slow, increasing the desire of your partner. Do not forget to use the lube.

Is Egyptian Hucklebuck the best sex position?

I would say that is a perfect position to try and to spice things up. I love to perform this position with my partner right after we are naked. It’s one of the best positions for sex before the penetration.

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List of Great Sex Positions similar to the Egyptian Hucklebuck

The Frog

sex position for smaller penis

The Frog position gives the partner control that will receive the small cock from behind. It is an athletic sex position, but you should try it if you can do it. Remember, it’s not about the size. It’s all about your connection.

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The Buffet

The buffet is on, and you’re Hungry for Her!

She leans forward, holds her ankles for support, and lifts her butts slightly higher. He comes from behind, grabs her thighs to come closer to her already wet coochie, and the party begins.

Even the back-shot position can grow boring after a while if you don’t mix it up. That’s why you can change for the missionary sex position or the ballet dancer you could try out one of these steamy variations above. I hope that you like and please try with your partner!

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