Full Nelson Sex Position

The Full Nelson sex position it’s not simple even to women who has an incredible flexible body. It’s a position that requires quite a bit of strength and endurance on the man’s part and, likewise, flexibility on the woman’s part.

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The Full Nelson position actually originates from a wrestling move of the same name.


Not counting the obvious differences between the two, the headlock part is performed in pretty much the same way, hence keeping the name.

How to Perform the Full Nelson Sex Position?

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If you become pro at this position, your partner will crave for it over an over, and to perform this follow the steps below.

Make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

What should He do?

The active person must to hold her thighs for support and reach her vagina, making sure that is wet enough to produce a satisfying rhythm. A lot of couples use the Full Nelson position to practice anal sex. Check our Anal Sex 101 guide.

What should She do?

She comes over to the active person on her back, lifting her legs towards her breasts. don’t forget to use the lube.

Is Full Nelson the best sex position?

Many women can attest that it’s not the most comfortable position for a more extended period. If not done correctly, this position can lead to injury. So be careful. We do not recommend this position for people that are not flexible or have casual cramps.

List of Great Sex Positions to Lift your Partner’s Legs

The Edge

sex position for small cock

Go deep on your partner with the edge sex position. This position would make you feel so undoubtedly, even with a large, medium or small penis.

Step 1: She lies on the table or bench, chair lifting her legs in the air.

Step 2: Put her legs on your shoulders and gets into the position.

Step 3: Make it work, thrusting yourself into her amidst that oh-so-tight feeling.


This position is similar to the Edge Sex Position. The difference here is how your partner is holding the table. The Mermaid helps your penis to soar higher in utmost pleasure.


What about reaching diagonal angles of your partner vaginas? The Tango sex position can provide pleasure for both.. She can also touch herself and has friction from penis, balls, and finger.


Use the Powerball and the table from previous ideas to lift your partner’s leg.

You can play the Tetherball sex position to reach significant sensations. She will need to rest her upper back on the ball and lift her lower body to height so that he can hold her by her waist, and she keeps her legs for better support. Now, he approaches her inviting juicy pussy and starts thrusting.

Even the Full Nelson position can grow boring after a while if you don’t mix it up. That’s why you can change for the missionary sex position or the ballet dancer you could try out one of these steamy variations above. I hope that you like and please try with your partner!

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