Mercenary Sex Position

One of the most common and easy sex positions to perform, I would say that’s also one of my favorite. You probably heard of mercenary sex or has tried it out without knowing the exact name. 

Sex Position Level – EASY

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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How to Perform the Mercenary Sex Position?

The active person is in charge for this sex position and is responsible for the rhythm. The receiver needs to open their legs in the air, the active actor needs to go ease in-between her legs and sink into her vagina or anus, stabilizing the upper half of your body with your arms planted on the bed or against the wall.

What should He do?

Lie on top of your partner with your legs as close and enter her from underneath and grind into your partner as you edge your way closer to that coveted moment.

Make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

What should She do?

Open your legs and let your partner lead the action. What you should do is to connect and move with the flow, communication focusing on the moment. You can use some dirty talk to spice things up. 

Is mercenary the best sex position?

I would say that is one of the best, there are so many sex positions to perform that it’s a hard questions. Check the 10 GFI Sex Positions, to have more ideas.

Sex Positions that are Similar to the Mercenary

Let her decide!

Missionary Sex Position woman on top

The Missionary Sex Position above shows the woman in charge of the penetration, doing all the action. The man only needs to lay down and enjoy. As a bonus, the person in charge of the penetration can hold the back, butt, and legs tight. 

Missionary Sex Position blindfold

You can make the Mercenary Sex Position even more interesting using a blindfold that can heighten senses. If your partner cannot see what you are, it could drive more pleasure if you add dirty talk

Missionary Sex Position going deep

Why not lift your leg to make the Mercenary Sex Position even more enjoyable? Everybody wins with a sex position like this. 

This option for the Mercenary Position it’s a little bit different and will request strong arms from the partner at the top. This face-to-face encounter sets both the partners on fire. While stroking passionately the eye contact stimulates the rhythm, the receiver open the legs a little bit and also control the movement.

The fun of inserting in sideways is way too different than from front or back. The man becomes capable to stroke her in those rare places not usually reached.

What is Mercenary Sex?

A mercenary fights for money whereas a soldier fights for love of country. While both get paid, the primary motivation is different.

Mercenary sex follow the same idea and can be applied to individuals that have sex for money.

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