Preying Mantis Sex Position


This sex position is perfect and really satisfying for any couple. It can be done on the top of the bed, on the floor or even standing. The active person must to be on top of the receiver person and the receiver must to have the ability to lift the leg and put in the shoulder of the active partner.

Before the act. Praying Mantis Sex Position

Sex Position Level – EASY

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The name of this sex position is related to the Mantis when is eating their prey.

How to Perform the Praying Mantis Sex Position?

To perform this position, you need to start by lying on your back like you would for normal Missionary sex with your legs open. Your partner nd active person needs to kneel down beside your vagina, facing you with his legs spread apart so that he can lower himself down and enter you. Make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

What should He do?

He then needs to grab one of your legs and slowly bring it up, pointing towards the sky. He can then rest it on his shoulder and put his arm around the legs, butt… use your imagination.

What should She do?

Just lay down, open your legs, make work your flexibility and have fun!

The Lazy dog Sex Position can also help with anal sex; don’t forget to use the lube. Here is an Anal Sex Guide for you if you want to try.

Is Praying Mantis the best sex position?

Personally I think that is a fun sex position to try, the receiver must have a great flexibility skills, not my favorite but it’s a great one.

List of Great Sex Positions to Practice that are similar to the Praying Mantis

The Deep Impact

In this case, your partner lies in bed raising their legs in the air, and you need to sit and approach the butthole and start thrusting. It goes deeper than you can imagine. Don’t push too hard because that can be painful for your partner. Go Slow and enjoy the movement, ask your partner how she/he feels, and keep focusing on the pleasure. That’s what matters, right?

Squad Sex Position

“There’s no man in the world that does not enjoy seeing their partner in charge, sitting on top of him.” To be 100% effective you must ask: Is your partner skill enough to open legs like doing a squat?

He lies flat on the bed, and she sets her vagina on his fully erected cock so that she can go deeper and circularly moves her butts to derive more pleasure.

The Frog

sex position for smaller penis

The Frog position gives the partner control that will receive the small cock from behind. It is an athletic sex position, but you should try it if you can do it. Remember, it’s not about the size. It’s all about your connection.

Downward Dog

sex position for small dick

She can rest her face on the bed, which will give you more angle to small cock reach unknown areas. Her hips are a bit up; He holds one hand on her back and starts thrusting from behind.

The Turtle

 smaller penis sex position for

In this sex position, your partner sits on a table, bending forwards so that her head touches the base. She will be open, so your penis can reach her vagina even more deeply. You will be able also to touch her anus or clitoris.

The Hot Seat

sex position for small penis

To perform this sex position and take the most advantage of a smaller penis, all you need to do this. Sit on the chair, leaning forward and stretch your legs forward. She comes over your erected dick and places her palms on your thighs for support. She will keep her face opposite to yours.

The Belly Dancer Cow Girl

When she is on the top, the quality depends on the woman. But, If the man can adjust properly, he can dominate with the depth of penetration. That’s the goal of the Belly Dancer Sex Position.

The man lies on his back, the female partner sits on his penis and facing him, and his hands can go everywhere, her breast and her hands are on his chest.

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