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Reverse Missionary Sex Position 

This position requires from both sides a great attachment and to perform this you only need a comfortable place to lay down, or you can use the floor as well.

Sex Position Level – MEDIUM

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 3 out of 5.

How to Perform the Reverse Missionary Sex Position?

It’s like playing a puzzle or Lego. The couple that will perform the reverse missionary position needs to be perfectly attached. As Hungry for You described above, it’s a medium sex position with a medium pleasure rate. Since the couple can reach unknown areas of your partner’s body, that’s the good part. The hard part you must check is below.

What should He do?

For the person responsible for the penetration, it’s going to work out your stomach, lifting yourself with your hands. You have to get on your partner upside down, facing away from her. With the perfect move, you must to reach her vagina with your penis, and the action will be up and down. Your partner’s height can define if this sex position is good or not. Make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

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That is one of the most accessible sex positions for the person in charge to receive the penetration. JUST LAY DOWN AND ENJOY IT! Lay down entirely with your legs together as you bend them at the knee. Be patient and careful as your partner gets on top of you. Make sure you have some lights on so no one gets hurt with a kick. Help your partner find your vaginal entry and get ready for the Reverse Missionary Sex Position.

To spice things up, do not forget to use some vibrators during intercourse, we recommend the pebble vibrator, It’s one of my wife’s favorite.

Sex Positions that are Similar to the Reverse Missionary

All Arts are from

The Missionary Sex Position above is one of the most common sex positions in the world, and most people say that it is boring, but it’s not, and depending on the day, place, or partner could be one of the most exciting positions to perform. 

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The Missionary Sex Position above shows the woman in charge of the penetration, doing all the action. The man only needs to lay down and enjoy. As a bonus, the person in charge of the penetration can hold the back, butt, and legs tight. 

You can make the Reverse Missionary Sex Position even more interesting using a blindfold that can heighten senses. If your partner cannot see what you are, it could drive more pleasure if you add dirty talk

Why not lift your leg to make the Missionary Sex Position even more enjoyable? Everybody wins with a sex position like this. 

If you still think that the reverse missionary position is boring, why not use sex toys during sex? Vibrators, can help you be more exploratory during missionary. You can try the clit vibrator of the partner being penetrated or can use a butt plug for stimulation of both the anus and the vagina.

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