Screwdriver Sex Position

The screwdriver sex position it’s a little bit different than the backshot and the doggy style since the active person must to put the left leg on top of the receiver butt.

Sex Position Level – EASY

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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The Screwdriver sex position is satisfying, and request flexibility from the active person.

The receiver can get the deepest penetration possible. If done correctly, you can also reach the G-spot. You can have a kinky watch at her curvy butt and use your fingers to stimulate the anus. (Check our Anal Sex 101 Guide) You can use sex toys to get her clitoris.

How to Perform the Screwdriver Sex Position?

Get ready to be taken from behind, the screwdriver position will add more thrust to this movement that will leave you and your partner moaning for more.

Make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

What should He do?

Approach your partner from behind and place your leg leg over her upper thigh. Using your right leg for stability beneath you, hang onto her love handles while you gently plow into her.

What should She do?

Get on all fours like you’re ready for doggystyle sex. Spread your legs wide, arch your back, and pop your vagina high into the air so your man can wiggle his way in. Relax, and enjoy the rhythm. The back-shot position can also help with anal sex; don’t forget to use the lube. Here is an Anal Sex Guide for you to follow.

Is Screwdriver the best sex position?

I would say that is satisfying, but for you need some flexibility to make all the moves. Depending of your size and you partner’s it could be not pleasurable. Be patience, and focus in the sex, so you can reach total penetration.

Screw Sex Positions You must Try

Cork Screw

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This position can benefits you to reach the g-spot with some pressure. Keeping your legs pressed together allows for a tighter hold on him as they thrust. Plus the twisted angle means they may hit spots, there’s a chance of a orgasm here.

1: One partner lies on side keeping the legs bends almost at a right angle direction horizontally.

2: The active now comes and sets his penis inside.

3: Now both can feel the tight angle and pleasure at the same time.

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Screw-it-Tight position

This position is what she is dreaming about, the active person lies on his back with legs little bend in knees, the receiver sits in a perpendicular bisector position. It’s important to hold each other to generate pace. Wooow!

Tighten The Screws

screw it

Let’s use a chair to perform the Tighten Screws Sex position. The active person just need to sits comfortably on the chair keeping a wide gap between his legs. The receiver sits on his lap and fixes herself tightly around him.

The active person holds the receiver hands to support and she starts moving up and down.

Even the Screwdriver Sex Position can grow boring after a while if you don’t mix it up. That’s why you can change for the missionary sex position or the ballet dancer you could try out one of these variations above. I hope that you like and please try with your partner!

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