The Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of transition for your body. When you find out that you’re pregnant, it’s normal to have some questions about how it will affect your sex life — or if you even can have a sex life before the baby is born. 

Health Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

The good news is that not only can you have sex during a normal pregnancy, but it’s good for both you and the baby. 

Sex releases oxytocin, which can help relieve the muscle aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy is also an excellent way for you and your partner to stay connected before your baby is born — a connection you’ll need to get you through those initial sleepless months after your baby is born. 

Your baby is protected by amniotic fluid and the amniotic sac. You cannot hurt your baby while having sex, and they will not know what is happening. However, the stress-relieving hormones released during sex are just as good for your baby as they are for you! Sex can also help you get more sleep at night, which is great news for your developing baby. 

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

If your sex life, up until now, has relied heavily on the missionary position (you lying down with your partner on top), it’s safe to say that this — like so much else — is going to need to adjust throughout your pregnancy. 

The number one rule for sex during pregnancy is to keep the pressure off of your stomach, which means the missionary position is out… but it also means that you and your partner have the freedom to explore some creative positions that you may not have—considered before! 

Spooning Sex Position

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Some women can find it most comfortable lying on their sides during sex, especially during later trimesters as their baby grows more prominent. Have your partner approach you from behind. This is a particularly intimate form of sex, as it involves your partner holding you close and spooning you during the act. It can be a very relaxing, calming way to have sex if you’re feeling tired after a long day. 

Seated Pregnancy Sex

Try sitting on the edge of your bed, couch, or chair with your partner on their knees in front of you. This gives your partner easy access to your body with their mouth or toys, and they can stand for penetrative sex. Seated pregnancy sex is also really flexible, and during early pregnancy, you can lean back a bit and prop yourself up on pillows. As long as your partner doesn’t climb on top of you, this won’t put pressure on your stomach, but it will still have the familiarity of missionary sex that you and your partner may crave. 

Floating Pregnancy Sex

If you have a large bathtub, you may enjoy this variation of sex, which places you on top of your partner without putting a lot of strain on your joints. Have your partner get in the tub first, and then you can get in next. You can have sex while floating in the water, which can be exceptionally comforting later in pregnancy.

Just be sure to keep the water temperature lukewarm, not hot, as boiling water is not great for your baby.

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