Valedictorian Sex Position

This sex position will be perfect if your partner has great flexibility and hip mobility. It’s a tighter experience for both you and your partner, plus it adds a sexy vantage point. We do recommend to you perform this position in front of a mirror.

Sex Position Level – EASY

Pleasure Rate

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Valedictorian Meaning: Is a student, usually the one ranking highest academically in a school graduating class, who delivers the valedictory at the commencement exercises.

We don’t know why this sex position has this name but maybe because of the receiver’s V leg position and the bonus for a being a great student, a tremendous vaginal or anal sex.

How to Perform the Valedictorian Sex Position?

Get ready to increase the libido and the sexual tension with this sex position, read below what each actor of this beautiful scene need to do, and do not forget to make sure that your partner is wet—the Foreplay‘s essential here.

What should He do?

The active person approach the partner from in the front and spread her legs to a V similar to the image above. The active person can also touch the receiver chest and legs. Depending of the intensity of the Sex the active person can try anal sex.

What should She do?

The receiver person for the Valedictorian Position, just need to lay down, spread your legs and see the stars. There’s not much you can do here, flexibility is the key to satisfy the active person and a mirror can make the difference.


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How to be Naughty to My Partner?

The Valedictorian Sex Position can also help with anal sex; don’t forget to use the lube. Here is an Anal Sex Guide for you to follow.

Is Valedictorian the best sex position?

During the intercourse it’s an amazing position to try. If you and your partner are bored with the Missionary Sex Position or the Cow Girl, start to performing the Valedictorian position today. It worth every second.

List of Great Sex Positions to Practice that are similar to the Valedictorian

Cork Screw

This position can benefits you to reach the g-spot with some pressure. Keeping your legs pressed together allows for a tighter hold on him as they thrust. Plus the twisted angle means they may hit spots, there’s a chance of a orgasm here.

1: One partner lies on side keeping the legs bends almost at a right angle direction horizontally.

2: The active now comes and sets his penis inside.

3: Now both can feel the tight angle and pleasure at the same time.

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Screw-it-Tight position

This position is what she is dreaming about, the active person lies on his back with legs little bend in knees, the receiver sits in a perpendicular bisector position. It’s important to hold each other to generate pace. Wooow!

Tighten The Screws

screw it

Let’s use a chair to perform the Tighten Screws Sex position. The active person just need to sits comfortably on the chair keeping a wide gap between his legs. The receiver sits on his lap and fixes herself tightly around him.

The active person holds the receiver hands to support and she starts moving up and down.

You must try also the Screwdriver Sex Position.

The Hot Seat

sex position for small penis

To perform this sex position and take the most advantage of a smaller penis, all you need to do this. Sit on the chair, leaning forward and stretch your legs forward. She comes over your erected dick and places her palms on your thighs for support. She will keep her face opposite to yours.

The Belly Dancer Cow Girl

When she is on the top, the quality depends on the woman. But, If the man can adjust properly, he can dominate with the depth of penetration. That’s the goal of the Belly Dancer Sex Position.

The man lies on his back, the female partner sits on his penis and facing him, and his hands can go everywhere, her breast and her hands are on his chest.

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